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Science points to what teens actually smell like

Science points to what teens actually smell like

The term “baby scent” goes beyond language and actually brings memories of pleasant, soft scents to the brain. However, when the child moves to… AdolescenceNew scents take over your body – especially the famous “cecê” scent.

Now, researchers in Germany have investigated the source of these annoying odors in teenagers. They have discovered the subtle scents that give a young man the scent of adolescence. The results were published in the journal Communications chemistry.

Understand the research

To study the smell of teenagers, the researchers decided to compare the chemical compounds found in teenagers' sweat Young With that children. To do this, they adapted baby shirts and baby clothes with cotton pads sewn into the armpits.

Each of the 18 participating children and 18 teens aged 14 to 18 slept in these clothes for one night, after washing their armpits with unscented products. Furthermore, scientists advised families not to give them spicy or strong-smelling foods.

Next, the scientists analyzed the chemical compounds in sweat that were absorbed by the sanitary pads on shirts and uniforms. To do this, they used a technique called mass spectrometry.

Overall, two steroids and six carboxylic acids were present in the adolescents' sweat. According to researchers, they pop up Smell Of urine, musk, sandalwood, cheese, goats and wax.

The children's sweat had higher levels of the ketone, which smells like flowers and soap. According to scientists, this discovery could help in the production of deodorants that mask the odors of teenagers.

The role of puberty

Changing race composition is common as children grow into children and later become teenagers. This occurs due to hormonal changes in the body, especially during puberty.

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It is associated with increased body odor, which is linked to the activation of sweat glands and the secretion of sebum. In this way, the chemical compounds in the teenager's sweat are easily transformed into gas. Therefore, this is perceived as a smell.