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Science says that maintaining these five habits reduces the risk of depression

Science says that maintaining these five habits reduces the risk of depression

Although depression needs to be treated with medication and therapy, healthy habits provide lasting health

Barbara Giovanni

3 hours ago

Science says that maintaining these five habits reduces the risk of depression

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If you have a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce your risk of depression by 57%. The conclusion is from a study recently published in the journal Natural medicine Which assessed habits such as adequate sleep, nutrition, social life and physical activity.

In general, research participants who maintained five or more healthy habits had significantly reduced chances of developing depression. This has occurred even among those with genetic variants susceptible to developing the condition.

As one reason, researchers found that these habits generated better C-reactive protein scores, which indicates reduced inflammation associated with depression.

Although medications and therapies are still necessary to treat this condition, the study reveals other ways to contribute to mental health. Therefore, understanding the results of the new research can provide insight into how to implement certain healthy habits into your daily life.

Comfort power

Sleeping seven to nine hours per night reduced the risk of depression by about 22% in study participants. This happens because sleep is an incredibly active process in the body.

While people sleep, the brain consolidates memories and learning. Moreover, a good night’s sleep also contributes to… immune system more powerful.

If you suffer from insomnia or difficulty sleeping, there is a lot of evidence that cognitive behavioral therapy can help you.

Physical exercise has a longer lasting effect than medications

One seek A recent study found that physical activity is more effective than medications in reducing symptoms of depression. According to researchers, antidepressants tend to work faster, but exercise has longer-lasting effects.

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Not surprisingly, A Stady A previous study based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that people who exercise regularly report fewer days with poor mental health.

Good nutrition is essential

Multiple studies show that a diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats can help reduce the risk of disease. This also applies to mental states.

Researchers discovered People who maintained a healthy eating pattern were less likely to suffer from depression.

Avoiding addiction is an important step

This principle applies to different types of addiction, from alcohol and tobacco to screens.

In general, alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that reduces brain activity. Therefore, people who regularly consume alcohol in excess are more likely to develop depression.

Furthermore, spending too much time in front of screens leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which is a risk factor for depression. So, set a time of day to turn off notifications and disconnect from your device.

Friendships and hobbies are essential

In general, people over 65 who have hobbies feel more satisfied with life and less depressed. The discovery was published in Natural medicine It is proven that spending time with people we love, especially when we engage in activities that interest us, helps improve our mood.

It may seem obvious, but not everyone can do it. For the research authors, hobbies include aspects of creativity and engagement, which are different from passive activities, such as watching television or spending time on social media.