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Science, technology and innovation.  Sergipe deserves progress in these areas.  |  Diego da Costa |  F5 News

Science, technology and innovation. Sergipe deserves progress in these areas. | Diego da Costa | F5 News

The Sergipe State Economic Development Project goes beyond issues related to industry, commerce and the service market. Sergipe has the potential to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship in the most diverse fields. In this short text, the focus is on two areas: Science, with an emphasis on research. technology, while developing solutions and improving infrastructure; and innovation, which are directly related to entrepreneurship. It is not possible to cooperate with these topics without mentioning the organizations that work directly with the same goals. Positive impressions show that Sergipe has all the necessary infrastructure to promote, create and achieve the results of these projects.

Science, technology and innovation.

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), foundations and municipalities can develop science from the “inside out”. Sergipe has the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS) and the University of Tiradentes (Unity) with very promising initiatives.

UFS has the Coordination of Innovation and Technology Transfer (CINTTEC) which is the prime example of implementing the institutional policy for the protection and transfer of intellectual property technology at the university. One of the objectives of the coordination is to support UFS researchers in the process of granting patents for inventions, products and processes generated in research and innovation activities, which can be converted into benefits for society. The harmonization also aims to facilitate organizations’ access to the knowledge generated in the UFS, which can be used, directly or indirectly, in the production process, public administration and similar areas. (

In Unity is the Tiradentes Innovation Center (TIC), opened in 2019, with the transformative power of education. TIC started its activities in partnership with Santander Universities, Google For Education, Cisco, Samsung, Tiradentes Institute, Teltec, Meta and SEAC, companies that believe and trust in the positive impact of TIC to improve education in the region and from Brazil. With the mission of connecting people and institutions to promote a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, with the aim of developing innovative solutions, new businesses and technologies that impact the economy, society and the future of education. (

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In addition to these structures within the universities, the state government has the Sergipe State Research and Technological Innovation Institution (FAPITEC / SE), a public institution with legal personality under public law, with assets, revenues and personnel of its employees, as well as administrative, financial and financial autonomy, as part of the state administration Indirect, under the executive power of the state of Sergipe. FAPITEC/SE is associated with the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology – SEDETEC. In addition, the primary purpose of FAPITEC / SE is to promote the support and development of scientific and technological research, as well as technological innovation, as well as entrepreneurship, in the state’s territory, giving priority to maximizing local potential, in line with the state’s science and technology policy, thus contributing to social development and economic of the state. (

The Sergipe Technological Park, managed by the Social Organization (OS) SergipeTec, is the organization that aims to promote local and regional scientific and technological development, by promoting research and teaching activities, and supporting technical, industrial and implementation-based enterprises. A technological park that includes the joint management of human, physical, material and technical resources, with the aim of achieving social, institutional, economic citizenship, quality of life and the promotion of full employment, in the fields of: culture; teaching, training and improvement; scientific and technological research; The protection and preservation of the environment and the appropriate organization of the territory. It also works with the aim of facilitating the creation of technology-based companies and building networks of relationships between agents in the process of production, knowledge generation, education, research and innovation. As a mission, the company seeks to contribute to the development of the state of Sergipe, and to promote technological and social progress through science, technology, innovation and training, through the interaction between academia, government, companies and society, all this in search of becoming a reference in the development and management of projects in the fields of biotechnology and energy Sustainability, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Education, ICT. SergipeTec’s headquarters covers an area of ​​approximately 120,000 square metres, and consists of seven buildings capable of: receiving up to 60 companies and research institutions in the fields of biotechnology, information and communication technology, renewable energy and the environment; In addition to the Career Center of Technology (CVT); Catalyst Center for Competency in Information Technology (C3TI); biofactory for the production of seedlings of micropropagation; Fungi Production Unit for Biological Control of Agricultural Pests; An incubator for multi-sector companies and another (incubator) for technology-based companies in renewable energies; Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. (

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There are more structures that can be cited. Movement highlights: Inova + Sergipe and Caju Valley, which bring together different players in the innovation ecosystem. In addition to associations, unions, institutes and other organizations that can contribute to the movement of science, technology and innovation. Sergipe deserves more! Much more! The important thing is to bring together organizations and individuals in one environment capable of implementing specific projects focused on solving the various problems that exist.