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Science, technology and training promote awards for new researchers

Science, technology and training promote awards for new researchers

Photo: Elson Campos

The City of Marica, through the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Training, promoted on Friday (02/02) the awarding of the sixth edition of the Rotary Club New Scholars Award (Rua Pastor Alcione Sobral, 5, Caxito). The contestants wrote a scientific article focusing on the city of Marika, with the aim of solving the urban challenges facing the daily life of the city. It was also a prerequisite to be a student in the ninth year of primary school, ninth stage of EJA (Education of Youth and Adults), or to be in the third year of secondary school, in public and private schools. The top three students and teachers each received a notebook.

“It is with great satisfaction that we are gathered here today to talk about science. To know what has happened in life, on Earth, so as never to deny science and the importance of research, is curiosity. That is why research is curiosity and there is few who are more curious than a child?! So we must To foster this scientific spirit as researchers since we were young. “We want to encourage more and more curiosity for research!” said the Minister of Science, Technology and Training, Adriana Loayza.

Environmental, historical, social, economic, productive and sustainable arrangements, scientific and technological topics were covered, as well as innovation and ethics initiatives in relation to human rights.

Clara Soares Peixoto, a third-year high school student at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Fluminense – Campus Avançado Maricá, highlighted her happiness at receiving the award.

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“It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in the New Researchers Award. I feel very happy, very satisfied to have produced a scientific article. Write something that I love, that I am interested in, and that is the field that I want to study, which is physical education. I think about my city, the city in which I am building “My experiences and my life, thinking about my routine and being able to analyze how the researcher's identity part works. Understanding the qualities that city dwellers have. So it was a very interesting thing. ” said the Flamingo resident, who created North Pole under the name “City Living: Outdoor Experiences and Quality Life,” the computer is just a reward for working some time.

With the same sentiments, Joana Benedicta Rangel School's 9th grade student, Thainara Lima, who wrote about “Confronting Violence against Children and Adolescents in Marica: The Public Municipality’s View of the Victims,” also thanked her for this opportunity. “It was very exciting, I admit I did not expect it. In fact, I had little hope that I would win. The project is very interesting and encourages young people to research,” he said.

New Researchers Award

The New Researchers Award, whose first edition was launched in 2017, is an initiative of the Municipal Secretariat for Science, Technology and Training, and aims to encourage the integration of basic education students into procedures and procedures that integrate the field of scientific research, the development of curiosity, creativity, interest, historical recovery, questioning reality, knowledge of methodological and scientific techniques and tools, and dialogue. With local knowledge, contextual problematization, survey and problem solving, and the written production of articles that make the municipality in which they live an object of investigation and discussion.

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