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Scientific studies prove that physical activity is essential to avoid diseases

Scientific studies prove that physical activity is essential to avoid diseases

A sedentary lifestyle is increasing among people of all ages, and lack of physical exercise is a concern. Studies conducted by the World Health Organization have shown that exercise is very important for the prevention of many diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and depression. Moreover, daily physical exercise is a powerful ally in cognitive improvement and development, especially in children and adolescents.

Exercising for 30 minutes a day is ideal for your health

Many studies are being conducted around the world to check the effectiveness of sports as well as physical adaptation in people's lives. Whether it is in individual or group activities, physical exercise is the gateway to a healthier, longer-lasting life, with fewer complications in old age.

The World Health Organization says that a person should do at least 150 minutes of physical activity, that is, 30 minutes on five days of the week. The point is that the rush of everyday life means that most adults are not paying attention or are unable to follow these habits.

Doing physical activities, such as running, helps maintain good health (Image: Reproduction/Image from Pexels by Pixabay)

Scientists are developing research on the benefits of exercise

Due to the large number of inactive people who develop the disease around the world, scientists and researchers are constantly developing new studies to determine a cure for these diseases. Depression and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's are what doctors are most concerned about.

The discovery of the hormone responsible for reducing the incidence of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly has brought new clinical perspectives. a “Ersene” It is viewed favorably in medicine and the possibility of manufacturing it in the laboratory to prevent disease in future generations is being studied.

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Physical tests conducted on depressed volunteers showed that exercise training could be a solution instead of controlled medications prescribed by doctors. Performing some type of activity at least three times a week increases antidepressant symptoms and brings greater emotional stability.

Cognitive performance in children and adults has also become the subject of sports-related medical studies. The researchers pointed out that high-intensity, short-duration training is an alternative to prevent weight gain in children in the growing stage, and a sedentary lifestyle in adulthood, as well as improving school performance.

Featured Image: Couple training in the gym (Reproduction/Image by zakmen via Pixabay)