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Scientists discover ‘switch’ to turn male libido on and off

Scientists discover ‘switch’ to turn male libido on and off

Scientists at Stanford University in the United States have identified a place in the brain that turns on and off sexual desire in men | Photo: Freepik

Neurologists from Stanford University in the United States claim to have discovered the sexual circuit in men that is responsible for activating sexual desire, a kind of “switch”. In this way, it will be possible to turn on or off the male’s desire for sex. The discovery promises to contribute to new therapies.

The article with the results compiled by scientists was published in the journal “Cell”. Although it was already known that the circuit was located in the preoperative region, the results show that neurologists were able to pinpoint the exact brain pathway of the desire involved. In addition, they also manage to turn it on and off.

For this, many tests were done on mice. The researchers tracked the pathway from the moment the male recognizes the female’s presence until the awakening of sexual desire.

explained Neerau Shah, professor of psychiatry and neuroscience and lead author of the study.

Exposing the possibility of a return of desire soon after ejaculation is very relevant. In general, all male mammals need time for libido to return, a period known as the menopause period. For rats, this period is five days.

This discovery could be an important step towards treating erectile dysfunction. This is because it is approaching the possibility of creating drugs that act directly on this circuit and not on blood vessels, as is the case with Viagra. This drug, which is still hypothetical, is likely to have far fewer side effects than those currently on the market. (with information from O Globo)

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