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Scientists have revealed that the moon turned upside down billions of years ago

Scientists have revealed that the moon turned upside down billions of years ago

Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed a new study that could bring new discoveries about the composition of our moon. The new study indicates that during its formation, the Moon may have been “turned upside down.”

The history of the satellite was investigated using computational models and data obtained from the Apollo mission. The Moon formed 4.5 billion years ago after a small planet collided with Earth and sent molten rock debris into space. This debris solidified to form our natural moon.

In the video below, NASA simulates how the Moon formed. paying off:

Most of what is known about the origin of the Moon comes from analyzes of rocks collected by Apollo astronauts. Thus, a high concentration of titanium was discovered in these stones, which sparked controversy about the formation of the celestial body.

In this way, the researchers investigated the composition of the collected objects and came up with further hypotheses about what could have happened.

What happened to turn the moon upside down?

Because it formed quickly and at high temperatures, the Moon was likely covered in an ocean of magma and its crust just solidified. Thus forming the shiny surface that we can see.

However, his insides were still imbalanced. The idea that the satellite was “turned inside out” comes from the theory that the material inside solidified and descended into magma.

It then melts again and returns to the surface, which explains the presence of titanium in the rocks. “Our Moon has literally turned itself upside down,” said Jeff Andrews Hanna, study co-author and associate professor at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

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However, scientists still do not know details about the phenomenon and the subsequent events that made the moon what it is today.

He added: “There is little physical evidence to clarify the exact sequence of events during this critical phase of lunar history, and there is much disagreement in the details of what happened.” The study was published in the journal Natural Earth Sciences.

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