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Scorpio.  It’s all about the most “intense and mysterious” sign.

Scorpio. It’s all about the most “intense and mysterious” sign.

BOh news! The 2023 season for intense and mysterious Scorpio began on October 23rd – at 5:20 PM – and will end on November 22nd – at 3:01 PM.

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Signature item

He belongs to the element of Water, which gives him his emotionally deep personality.

Ruling planet of Scorpio

It is ruled by Pluto and has co-regency over Mars.

The symbol that represents this sign

This sign is represented by Scorpio but also by the Snake or the Eagle.

Characteristics that best describe this zodiac sign

Scorpio is often feared and poorly spoken of due to its relationship with taboo topics such as death and sex. It may be uncomfortable for many people to address these topics, but these natives know that they are a part of life and nature. They are fully aware that through sex we reproduce and create life that will one day end in death. This idea of ​​impermanence, that everything has a beginning and an end, makes them live intensely and with great emotional depth, taking their emotions to extremes.

When this sign’s energy manifests itself in a destructive way, these natives can drift into intense hatred, and suffer from the worst dramas and jealousies. Therefore, in this vibration, Scorpio is capable of the worst manipulations and revenge imaginable.

On the other hand, when Scorpio decides to delve deep into his soul and work his energy in a positive way, he is able to heal, transform, and renew. It can also help others in the process of connecting to their light.

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Differences between those born in this sign who were born in October and those born in November

It is common to find people belonging to one sign who do not identify with all the characteristics associated with it, or even who identify with characteristics that are not directly related to their sun sign. This is caused by several factors that can be fully understood through an individual astrological chart calculation, but one of these differences is actually related to the moment when the natives of a particular sign were born.

In the case of Scorpio, natives born from October 23 to November 1 belong to the first decan, which is doubly ruled by Pluto. This dual rule of Pluto makes these natives the typical Scorpio, intense and profound in all their actions.

In the case of the natives of the second decan, those born between November 2 and 11 receive the influence of Neptune and are the most imaginative and intuitive. Finally, those born in the third decade, between November 12 and 21, are influenced by lunar energy and are the most sensitive and protective.

How to win over a person of this sign

Getting over someone born under this sign is not an easy task because this sign, which is suspicious by nature, takes time to commit to a relationship. Scorpio needs to feel safe in the other party to give himself completely because when he decides to do so, he will give himself body and soul. To win him over, give him security and invest in a good dose of mystery and seduction. He will feel curious to reveal all your secrets.

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How are they at work?

Eager to unveil the human spirit, these natives are drawn to all that is hidden. This is why it is common to find them in professions such as psychologists and astrologers.

Their great ability to decipher what is hidden makes them excellent detectives and detectives. Moreover, jobs that require cold blood, such as doctors and surgeons, are very attractive to this sign.

Because they like to be in charge and find it easy to deal with moments of crisis, they often hold leadership positions and manage the finances of others.

How they are in love

For Scorpio, love must be lived fully, with a lot of romance, passion and depth. This native gives himself completely to the relationship and expects to get full commitment from the other party.

They have a tendency to want to control the relationship to feel like they are in control in order to hide their weaknesses. Behind the cold facade of restraint, these natives hide a deep sensitivity and vulnerability that they do not reveal to anyone. Their feelings of insecurity and jealousy sometimes lead them to adopt possessive behaviours, especially if they are just starting out and have not yet had enough experience to learn how to channel their energy and better control their instincts.

When we talk about love, the topic of sexuality is implicit, but for Scorpio it has added importance. These highly seductive natives know how to fuel sexual desire in their relationship like no other sign, because for these natives, sex is the highest point of intensity in the encounter between two beings.

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How they handle money

As in other areas of their lives, these natives have a tendency towards extremism. We can find Scorpios who are very careful in their relationship with money or others who are more ambitious and more willing to take risks. However, their coolness in dealing with crisis situations means that they are generally able to recover from their financial losses. They must seek a balance between accumulation and investment.

What other signs are you most compatible with?

With Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer

Signs you should avoid

Aquarius and Leo

Curiosity about the sign

Scorpio rules the reproductive system, the bladder, urethra, reproductive organs, ovaries, testicles, prostate, colon, sigmoid, pubic bone, and nose.

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