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“Seafood” is back?  Once again, Marcia and Montero become very close through cuddles and playful jokes – Big Brother

“Seafood” is back? Once again, Marcia and Montero become very close through cuddles and playful jokes – Big Brother

Marcia Soares and Francisco Montero become closer again and share moments of great complicity.

Francisco Montero and Marcia Soares have seen a real roller coaster of emotions and moods since joining Big Brother. The two rivals started well, but ended up at odds at the beginning of the match, and except for two weeks of calm, the atmosphere was full of debate and bickering.

However, this week Marcia and Francisco showed that they are closer again, having returned to conniving jokes and pranks, in an atmosphere of greater closeness between the spouses, affectionately nicknamed “Maresco” (because of the combination of their names).

This was quite evident on Friday night before dinner, as Marcia and Francisco appeared very close, together in the same bed, with a lot of banter and laughter in the mix, reminiscent of those two weeks when they were happy with each other.

During these games, Francisco Montero tried to hug Marcia and sting his teammate: “There should have been a ‘kiss’ in these two weeks,” he said, facing resistance from Marcia, who insisted on saying that she could not stand Francisco. . “There’s a bass drum behind it so you only get the bad part,” he criticized himself.

The moment of greatest closeness lasted for several minutes, as Francisco Montero “threw himself” on Marcia, showering her with treats and embraces, even with resistance on his part: “It will always be your choice to bear with me, my little love,” he said in a prickly tone.

Marcia struggled and sent a few words to her colleague, remembering the struggles she had gone through in the past few weeks that she could not forget: “You are the most insufferable being. Last week I gave you a piece of cake,” she said, although Montero did not take it all. Step by step and takes everything for granted.

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The moment was interrupted by dinner time, but not before Francisco Montero “forced” Marcia Soares to confess to a prank he had played on her, running after her and “threatening” her with an attack of embraces without ever letting go, in an incident of great complicity.