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Sean Hannity - begging: - No more crazy people

Sean Hannity – begging: – No more crazy people

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): The day after Trump supporters stormed Congress in an attempt to stop Joe Biden’s endorsement as US president, a close Trump supporter sent Fox News text messages to Trump spokesman Kayleigh McEnany.

In a letter from January 7, 2021, he begged Donald Trump to stop talking about election theft. He also pleaded that “no more lunatics” should be able to get to the president. McEnany is said to have agreed, writes Watchman.

However, Trump still claims that the elections were stolen from him without any evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

Adjusted?: A video of Fox News presenter Sean Hannity smoking an e-cigarette in the studio was shared on Twitter in a weird way – it’s not real, Hannity answers. Video: Fox News / Twitter / AP / NTB Scanpix
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The former president continues to surround himself with conspiracy theorists from the far right. Among other things, the top manager of MyPillow was on stage before Trump during his previous rally in Arizona.

Lendl made it clear to Dagbladet that he believed Trump would become president again.

Counting: Donald Trump harshly criticized President Joe Biden during his speech in Arizona ahead of the US midterm elections. Reporter: Vigard Kaval / Photo: NTB / AFP / ROBYN BECK
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Hannity himself served as a close advisor and supporter of Trump. The former president visited his show several times, and Hannity attended Trump rallies.

However, the committee in Congress, investigating the January 6 attack, revealed that Hannity was clearly shaken by what happened.

five points

Portions of the message exchange between McEnany and Hannity are included in e-mail The commission sent Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who they also want to ask about the incident.

According to the letter, Hannity first sent a five-point text message for conversations with the then president. The first two points are:

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1 – Enough talking about stolen elections.

2 – Yes, the Supreme Court and the Twenty-fifth Amendment (where the government dismisses the incumbent president because he is unable to perform the day-to-day duties of the office) are real, and many people would resign.

– Love her. thank you. This is the plan. McEnany wrote in Hannity’s reply, “I want to help with reinforcement.”

Shortly thereafter, Trump was tried for a second time.

– crazy

‘Crucial now.’ No more crazy people,” wrote Hannity, who wanted the most extreme advisers not to get access to Trump.

“Yes. 100%,” McEnany replied,

Friday also writes Politico On how Trump and his cohorts drafted an order for the Pentagon to seize voting machines after the election was defeated.

The draft was written a few weeks after the election defeat and published by the US National Archives regarding the investigation into the storming of the Capitol a year earlier.

The document highlights extreme measures Trump has deemed to hold power against the will of the majority of voters, Politico writes.