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Searching on Google will be easier

Searching on Google will be easier

With the arrival of artificial intelligence, smartphones are becoming more…smarter! Google takes advantage of these capabilities for your searches. So get ready to circle, highlight and type to search on your Pixel 8 or Galaxy S24.

Image of Google's new search tool, Search Circle

Samsung announced a lot of interesting products and features at its recent Galaxy Unpacked event (including the Galaxy S24 series), but one of the most impressive developments isn't limited to the Galaxy series. The feature, called Circle to Search, was developed in partnership with Google, meaning it will also be available on the search giant's mobile phones.

What is the research department?

Briefly, The search circle is a new way of searching Anything without changing applications. To activate the feature, press and hold the Home button or the navigation bar (if you have gesture navigation enabled).

Then, when you see something on the screen that you want to search for, circle it with your finger and the phone will display the search results. For example, you can use the search circle to find an item of clothing you may have seen in a YouTube video or get more information about a dish in a recipe you're looking up online.

A new way to search: a search circle

You also don't have to circle the item you want to search for. In fact, you can highlight it, draw over it, or click on it. As part of Google's AI updates to search, you can search both trending text and images at the same time using multi-search.

Google claims this gesture The search circuit works with images, text, and videos. Basically, you can find everything and anything using this feature.

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These results appear within the app you're using, so you don't need to interrupt what you're doing to search. When you're done, simply swipe through the results to return to your previous task.

When will the search department be launched?

The research circle is It is scheduled to be released globally on January 31 For premium Android smartphones like the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the recently announced Galaxy S24 series.

The feature will be available on more Android devices later.