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Sebastian Fafizasky was treated at a psychiatric hospital after his father's death

Sebastian Fafizasky was treated at a psychiatric hospital after his father’s death

On the show “Duży w maluchu” Sebastian Fabizaski talked about his difficult childhood, his father’s alcoholism and his own fears.

Sebastian Fabijaski was in a psychiatric hospital

– After my father died, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. One and a half years after my father died, I was hospitalized for three months. That was my decision – The actor agreed. In a special facility, the artist was found to have severe anxiety disorders with depressive states that impede daily functioning. – I can no longer leave the house. I was already in such a state that I was afraid of my shadow – Agreed Fabijazsky. Although she is at a different stage in her life today, she is still receiving treatment.

Sebastian Fabijassky. “I’m ACA”

– I am an adult child of a drinker. I am symbolic. I’m addicted to that emotional roller coaster that came with my childhood when my dad was drunk or relaxed. – The actor agreed. He stopped drinking himself, he says. “I hope it lasts. I’ll stick to it.” The alcohol problem comes from the inability to deal with reality. I have the idea that I am implementing this issue artistically somewhere – Said Fabijazsky.

A.C.A. what is this?

ACA, or adult children of alcoholics, self-help support groups. They were created for people who grew up in inactive families, where one of the parents was a drunkard. According to psychologists, such individuals have developed features that make it easier to live in a family with an alcohol problem, but make life harder outside of it.

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