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Secret documents were found at a bus stop

Secret documents were found at a bus stop

In the back of a bus stop in Kent, England, a pile of documents was found on Tuesday of this week, nearly fifty pages in total, which obviously shouldn’t have been there.

to me BBC The documents contained several confidential and sensitive details – including the British ship HMS Defender, which was shown this week. It was located in or near the CrimeaAnd a possible reaction to the ship’s passage through Ukrainian waters.

The documents also include plans for a possible British military presence in Afghanistan after the end of the US-led NATO operation there.

British authorities say they have opened an internal investigation.

A Defense Ministry spokesperson told the channel that a staff member had reported missing sensitive defense documents, but did not want to comment on the matter further.

Among the documents are both email messages and PowerPoint presentations.

– This wasn’t supposed to happen. Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland minister, told Sky News it was the right message about the loss, and an investigation is underway.


On Wednesday afternoon, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow summoned the British ambassador to the carpet as a result of the incident of a British naval vessel entering what Russia believes to be their maritime zone outside Crimea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that warning shots were fired at the ship from the sea and the air, and demanded that the British investigate the “dangerous” behavior of a British Navy ship in the Crimea in the Black Sea, while the British denied any wrongdoing. .

Russia expert and director of the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Iver Neumann, He confirmed earlier this week that one still doesn’t know exactly what happened.

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– But this is interesting because almost no one understands that Crimea is Russian. It appears that British naval ships have crossed the disputed border, and then the Russians must respond. This is a concrete way for the Russians to prove that Crimea belongs to them. At the same time, Newman said, Britain is there to show that not everyone else is thinking the same thing.

– expect

In documents found at the bus station in Kent, the British Ministry of Defense wrote that “an innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters, with covered weapons and the ship’s helicopter stored in the hangar, was carried out with the expectation that Russia would be able to respond forcefully,” BP writes C.

An employee reported last week that he had lost documents, and on Tuesday a random person reported that he came across 50 pages of wet classified documents behind a bus stop in Kent in the south of England.

The papers indicate that Britain was well aware that the raid would trigger a Russian response, but that the Russians could view an alternative course as “the British were afraid or fled,” the NTB wrote.