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Sect Leader (45 Years Old) Found Mummified in US House - Seven People Arrested

Sect Leader (45 Years Old) Found Mummified in US House – Seven People Arrested

Last Wednesday, police moved against a residential home in Sagwash County, Colorado. The cause of the state of emergency writes an anxious phone call from a father who had suspected his two-year-old son was being held against his will at home. CBS Denver.

Mummified female body

At home, they found an adult, mummified human body lying in one of the bedrooms. Just above the body, an altar was erected in memory of the deceased. Based on evidence at the scene, police believe the deceased was most likely cult leader Amy Carlson, 45, he wrote. BBC.

It is expected that the identity of the deceased will be confirmed in a short time.

The 2-year-old and the 13-year-old were found safely at home and taken care of by the U.S. Childcare Service, writes NBC 2.

Seven people were arrested on charges of desecration, but there is currently no doubt that the death was the result of a criminal act. The seven accused must belong to the Carlson sect, whose leader was the.

I’ve never seen a group of people behave indifferent to someone’s death, says cop Stephen Hansen, who works closely on the case, to the BBC.

No human being deserves this

The discovery of the deceased was not surprising to the Carolson family, who are certain to have found her dead.

– She’s not totally innocent on this. She herself chose to become part of this sect. But she does not deserve what happened to her. Nobody deserves it, says Carlson’s sister Chelsea Renning.

For several years the sister lived in fear that something like this would happen to her sister.

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She thought she was “the Mother of God.”

Little is known about the “Triumph of Love” sect, which arose around 10 years ago. According to CBS Denver, Carlson was approached by a member who thought she was a good candidate to become the sect leader. According to the newspaper, Carlson is said to have called himself “the Mother of God,” and he is also said to be the reborn Marilyn Monroe. According to sect members, her goal was to find her way to another dimension.

The denomination should have strict rules about the number of hours you are allowed to sleep and a requirement to always stand up. Carlson is said to have been ill for a long time, and it is suspected that she died of the disease.

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