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Security in Google Drive with a dedicated spam folder for files

Security in Google Drive with a dedicated spam folder for files

Google has provided its users with the best and most robust security solutions. These are extended to all their offerings and now they are coming to another one. We are talking about Google Drive, which just received a spam folder to filter hosted files.

More security on Google Drive

This year's AI/O has once again helped Google unveil several new features. Most of them focused on artificial intelligence and how it would be possible to use it in all the services and proposals of the search giant. It's something more natural and more and more and more present.

one of Many news revealed Went to Google File Hosting. This cloud has received an extra layer of security which will be very beneficial for everyone. We are talking about a spam folder that will be in Google Drive and that will receive all potentially dangerous files.

Spam folder for shared files

This feature will work in the same way as Gmail, where unwanted contents will be saved. Those files shared with the user will be reviewed and blocked if they contain objectionable or copyrighted content.

When a spam file is moved to your spam folder, your subscription will be unsubscribed, which blocks all comments, posts, and notifications on mobile devices. After opting out, the user will not be able to find the file anywhere in Google Drive outside of the spam folder.

Available to everyone in the coming weeks

You can also manually move Drive files in and out of the new Junk folder. After a file has been in your spam folder for more than 30 days, it will be automatically and permanently removed from Google Drive.

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This spam folder and its additional security will be available in both the web version and mobile apps for Android and iOS. It should be made available gradually, and is expected to be available in the coming weeks for all Google Drive users.