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See 17 measures to prevent tumors, according to the Cancer Control Authority

See 17 measures to prevent tumors, according to the Cancer Control Authority

This is the first amendment to the European Cancer Control Act, which is already in its fourth edition. According to experts, it is necessary for the document to be amended to suit the reality of the population because it involves specific social, economic and structural factors, taking into account the challenges associated with poverty, lack of basic sanitation, access to drinking water, food insecurity, and insufficient health structures to meet the needs of… Everyone, among others.

“Although some risk factors are common to all countries, some specificities of the region, such as infection with Helicobacter pylori, are very common here and are one of the main risk factors for stomach tumors. This is not dangerous.” “It is a problem in Europe, for example, and this needs to be taken into account,” says Carolina Espina, a scientist at the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

“We need to adhere to the fact that science shows what interventions are most effective to combat the disease, but each country’s situation and its socio-economic context determines the financial and human resources, among other things, that can be used.” Carolina Espinaworld

The elements explain ways to prevent tumors because, according to statistics, more than a third of cases of the disease are associated with avoidable risk factors. “Preventing cancer – and other diseases – is closely linked to healthy behaviors and lifestyles, such as exercise, balanced diets, controlling obesity, eating healthy foods, and other habits.

“Therefore, disseminating information about prevention is a guiding path towards reducing cases and the economic and financial impact on society,” says Ida Stammvater, president of AMIGOH, an initiative of the Israeli Albert Einstein Charitable Foundation aimed at cancer prevention and scientific research on blood diseases. Which benefits the entire Brazilian community, which is the entity that helped finance the project and is working to spread it.

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According to experts, the blog plays a crucial role in raising public awareness. “Formalizing and standardizing recommendations on cancer prevention with technical and scientific support and in simple language in a single document allows them to be disseminated not only to health professionals, but also to society as a whole,” says oncologist Vanessa Montes, medical coordinator of oncology. At Villa Santa Catarina Municipal Hospital/Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital.