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See the technical specifications and price of the smart watch

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The Apple Watch 9 was launched alongside the iPhone 15 series. It features the new S9 processor and is the first model to go carbon-free on the band and case, according to Apple. However, the aspects that draw attention to the new wearable are its 2,000-nit display, which is twice as bright as the Apple Watch 8, and the motion sensor, which should activate functions on the watch with gestures, without having to touch the screen. Apple Watch 9 prices in Brazil start at R$4,999.

Although all the pricing information is detailed on Apple’s official website, the manufacturer is yet to open pre-sales of the watch in the country. However, to find out the final price of the product here, the user can simulate a purchase, choosing the size – between 41mm and 45mm – and the type of case material – between aluminum and stainless steel – as well as a wide range of products. A variety of bracelets. In the following lines, see the technical sheet and all the details of the Apple Watch Series 9.

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Apple Watch 9 technical sheet

  • Display: Retina LTPO OLED
  • Protection: Sapphire crystal glass
  • Processor: Apple S9 SiP (dual core)
  • Operating system: WatchOS 10
  • Memory: not reached
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Battery: up to 18 hours of use
  • GPS: Yes
  • Available colors: midnight, starlight, silver, pink and red (aluminum material); Graphite, silver, gold (stainless steel material)
  • Launch: September 2023
  • Aluminum version price: R $ 4,999 (41 mm) or R $ 5,399 (45 mm)
  • Stainless steel version price: R $ 8,499 (41 mm) or R $ 9,099 (45 mm)
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a screen

The Apple Watch 9 has a display with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits — a number well above the 500 nits on other smartwatches, and double the 1,000 nits of the Apple Watch 8 — which tends to greatly improve viewing in the sun. . The model with a 45mm case has a display size of 1.9 inches and a resolution of 484 x 396 pixels. The watch with a 41mm case has a 1.69-inch display and a resolution of 352 x 430 pixels.

The Apple Watch 9 has a 2,000 nits display – Image: Disclosure/Apple

The new wearable’s screen also has sapphire crystal glass, which should be more resistant to scratches than regular glass. Moreover, it is made using an OLED panel called “Retina LTPO” from Apple, which tends to offer better definition, contrast, and colors.

Design and colors

Overall, the rectangular design with rounded corners, which is the hallmark of the Apple Watch, remains unchanged. The device can be found made of two different materials, aluminum and stainless steel, the latter being more advanced and expensive.

The first type of material is available in five color options: midnight, starlight, silver, pink, and red. The second, in turn, can be found in only three colors: graphite, silver, and gold – which should enhance the premium look of the product.

Apple Watch 9 is available in different colors and models – Image: Disclosure/Apple


Although Apple has not officially announced the number of mAh battery in the Apple Watch 9, the official page promises that it can last up to 18 hours of average daily use. The number lasts up to 36 hours when the “low power” mode is activated, with the right to rapid recharging.

Performance and storage

The new Apple Watch 9 is equipped with the unprecedented Apple S9 SiP processor, designed specifically for the company’s smartwatches. Even more powerful, the CPU has two cores and 5.6 billion transistors — 60% more than the Apple Watch 8 — and can run twice as fast as the previous version. Moreover, the device has a unit within the chipset with four cores that is responsible only for machine learning tasks. As for storage, Apple has provided the wearable device with a capacity of 64 GB.

The Apple Watch 9 has 64GB of storage – Image: Reproduction/Apple

Health and quality of life

The Apple Watch 9 is able to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen level, all stages of sleep and can help track your menstrual cycle, just like the latest models. However, the company ensures that all this data is encrypted, and the user only shares the information he wants with his doctor and family.

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Likewise, the watch is also compatible with hundreds of exercises, so the user simply selects the mode and chooses the scale they want to track. Supported activities include running, cycling, mountain climbing, strength training, Pilates and even meditation.

Apple Watch 9 offers hundreds of pre-programmed exercises – Image: Disclosure/Apple

The user can monitor all counts in real time, including heart rate, as the smartwatch is ready to never turn off the screen. With exercise in mind, this model is resistant to dust and water, and can be submerged to a depth of 50 metres, according to the manufacturer.

System and features

The smartwatch leaves the factory with watchOS 10 installed. The new version brings major new features for app tweaks, so it fits better on the screen. According to Apple, all of the company’s apps have been redesigned to provide as much information as possible at a single glance, requiring less swiping on the screen. The watch also has widgets containing the most relevant information, such as weather, exercise, etc.

Apple Watch 9 and all its new features – Image: Reproduction/Apple

Another feature of the Apple Watch 9 is “Double Tap” (“Double Tap”, in direct translation), a new gesture control feature that uses only the user’s index finger and thumb. In this way, it is possible to quickly touch both fingers twice to activate many of the watch’s basic functions. This includes answering and ending a call, pausing and restarting a timer, or even pausing and playing a song, for example.

Apple Watch 9 answers a call with the touch of a finger – Image: Reproduction / Apple

According to the manufacturer, this is possible thanks to the use of sensors such as the gyroscope, which works in conjunction with the aforementioned machine learning chip. Thus, the watch is able to distinguish between a common wave from the user and a private command gesture, following precise wrist movements and even blood flow. The new feature will only be available from October, through a software update.

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Price and place of purchase

Apple’s official website in Brazil will sell the aluminum Apple Watch 9 for R $ 4,999 in the 41 mm version, and R $ 5,399 in the 45 mm version. The stainless steel model starts at R$8,499 in the 41mm version, but can cost R$9,099 in the 45mm version. The page promises to let us know “soon” when the product will be available.

With information from Apple Newsroom

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