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See what science says about a 93-year-old man whose biological age is 30 – Metro World News Brazil

See what science says about a 93-year-old man whose biological age is 30 – Metro World News Brazil

Who among us has never heard an older lady or gentleman say that they feel like they are still young? In case Richard Morgan, 93 years oldThis may be true.

according to 'the world“, Scientists investigate the man, who started training at the age of 70, to understand the “secret” of longevity. According to the text, the former worker has an “aerobic drive” similar to a 30-year-old person, with his body consisting of 80% muscle and 15% fat. Just.

In his career as a 'young' athlete, Morgan has rowed the equivalent of 10 trips around the world and won four World Rowing Championships. He currently trains for 40 minutes a day, starting with a 30-kilometer row, in addition to weight training and other exercises that mix high and low intensity.

Researchers from University of Limerick He monitored Morgan's cardiopulmonary and muscular activities while rowing and published studies of the man in Journal of Applied Physiology.

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The sign is that your heart is also very strong thanks to the climax in Your pulse reaches 153 beats per minute, which exceeds the maximum heart rate expected for your age. The researchers explained that it is also one of the highest heartbeats recorded for a person in his 90s.

“It was one of the most inspiring days I've ever spent in the lab. It's unusual to see a non-elderly person in such prime physical condition. In some ways, Morgan is like many of his fellow elderly retirees.Philip Jackman, Professor of Healthy Aging, Physical Performance and Nutrition at the University of Limerick and senior author of the case study, said: Washington Post.

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Studies show that people over the age of 65 who are physically active have 28% reduced risk of death For whatever reason from those who don't. Another study in 2022 was published in the journal Rotation found that those who participated in vigorous physical activity between 75 and 149 minutes per week had Reduced risk of death from any cause by 19%. Those who trained between 150 and 299 minutes per week had 21% to 23% lower risk.

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