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Seeing the shock: – Disgusting

Seeing the shock: – Disgusting

On Saturday, Jay Lazarus from Australia shared a shocking recording on TikTok from a Perth beach, according to reports Daily Mail Australia.

Lazarus, who is Jewish, was with his family at the beach when a shirtless man wearing a swimsuit and carrying a swastika on his back passed them.

The swastika has historically had several meanings, but is best known as a Nazi symbol The Great Norwegian Encyclopedia.

More events

The unidentified man was seen with a sign on his back, in what looked like sunscreen, at Hillary Marina, north of Perth on the west coast.

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Lazarus posted footage of the man on TikTok, describing him as “disgusting.”

Recently, there have been several incidents in Australia where people have displayed Nazi symbols in public.

Friday together Several masked men in Melbourne He gave the Nazi salute and carried a banner reading “Exposing Jewish Power.”

Lazarus says he felt sick to his stomach after he saw the man with a swastika on his back walking beside him and his son.

– There were thousands of people, mostly children and families, on the beach. I just grabbed my daughter and took him. “I didn’t want to be near him,” Lazarus tells Daily Mail Australia.

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– The man didn’t care at all about the Nazi symbol on his back. “It affected me a lot more than I thought,” he says.

Alleged joke

according to National News Agency The man did not know that the symbol was on his back.

It is said that one of the unknown man’s friends put the sign on his back without his knowledge, as a joke.

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– It’s a very sick joke, given what the Jewish community is going through right now, Lazarus continues, referring to Hamas’ attack on Israel.

When the man realized what was on his back, he put on his shirt and left the area.