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"Seeing you in pain breaks my heart..."

“Seeing you in pain breaks my heart…”

Andrea Silva became known after participating in the reality show ‘Love is in the highest order’From TVI in 2016.

The former competitor is the mother of little Kane, who is about two years old and in recent days has been a child “very sick”.

Andrea Silva shared a blast on social media and revealed that her son is in the hospital: “Kane is in the hospital and I’m not feeling well with everything that’s going on…” (here).

This Sunday, May 1, Andrea Silva shared a new revolution on social media, as her son is still at the Centro Hospitalar do Barlavento Algarvio.

“A different Mother’s Day… I didn’t think we’d spend our day here, with you so sick… I swear I don’t know how I still have the strength and things to bear everything we’ve been through these days” – He started writing.

Andrea Silva admitted that she couldn’t stop crying: “Seeing you in pain breaks my heart… 💔. I can’t hold back the tears that are falling… no one told me it would be a challenge to be a mother… what a challenge!”.

“I was doing this to be your mother and I hope that one day you will be very proud of the person you have become and the mother that I am to you ♥️ I love you so much but it hurts so much 🥺” – is over.

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