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Sega Genesis 6-button console will be released in Japan only

Sega Genesis 6-button console will be released in Japan only

The six-button version of the new Sega Genesis wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch will only be released in Japan, while fans around the world will only have to settle for all three.

During the latest release of Nintendo Direct, a series of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games will be introduced to the Switch Online catalog. In addition, Nintendo also announced that it will be releasing a new version of the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis consoles, as we can see in the tweet below.

However, it looks like fans will get different versions of the order depending on which region they live in. While the Western version of Ninendo Direct showed the Genesis controller with three buttons, the Japanese advertisement featured the six-button version.

The Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive as it’s known in Europe, was originally released with a three-button controller. In the end, Sony introduced a six-button controller on all models in all regions.

This isn’t the first time players from the US and Europe have counted buttons. In 2019, when the Sega Genesis Mini was released, the same thing happened – the retro console with a pair of six-button controllers was released in Japan, while the rest of the regions received a three-button version.

The iconic Sega Genesis controller will retail in the US at $49, with the price expected to be similar in European territory.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct had many surprises and you can summarize all that was announced here.

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