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Selah Sue: This drug that she had a lot of trouble getting rid of after depression

Selah Sue: This drug that she had a lot of trouble getting rid of after depression

Selah Sue was Cà Vous’s guest on Tuesday, April 5th. Opportunity for the singer to discuss her mental health issues and especially the drugs that have ruined her life for a long time.

After a long hiatus, in May 2020, Sela Sue returned to the forefront of the French scene. In fact, it was caused by emissions Large chess board And she had revealed that she had not come from what she wanted Focus on family life. Seven years later, he is back with a new album and now he is ready to believe in his personal life. The singer, who was invited to the C à Vous ensemble this Tuesday, April 5, took the opportunity. Addiction, She found it very difficult to get rid of. “Talking about it is a way to put things in my head“, She started first.”Each song on the new album describes my different page. This is really my struggle with the pros and cons of antidepressant effects“, She continued before telling the details.”Because it saved my life when I was 18 years old. It gave me a balanced life, but against it, because it stopped me. Antidepressants Anesthetic“, She promises. Today, Sela Soo was able to get out of her bondage and she feels so much better.”Now this is the first time I’ve been without him, so it’s crazy I thought it was all related only to antidepressants, but it was not.“, She finished.

Sela Sue returns to the front of the stage today, but confronted by Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine and the writers, she promises. “Success is really fleeting. It is always clear to me that it does not bring happiness“. She has fulfilled her daily life and has dedicated herself to her family for many years.”I didn’t really miss the win. But happy to be here now“, She was fun. Her fight against antidepressants, the singer has been giving birth to since she was 14.”I tried to quit antidepressants three times, but it was not possible. Not sure why, I tried everything but I could not. She agreed. Today she says “As an adult, I have my children and I have more confidence in myself and my body“And explains the power”Now write a song everyday. This is an incredible difference from before“Far from this critical period, this is Sela Su.”Feeling better the first time without antidepressants“And she did not hesitate to salute Stromay’s courage for publicly expressing her suicidal desires.”I am so proud to think of him. This is important but also because he is a man. For a woman, being sensitive is natural, it is the same, but it makes sense.“, She finished.

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Sela Sue: Why did she want to warn against social networking?

Selah Sue is so special today, she does not hesitate to let it be known. As he talked about depression and suicidal thoughts, he recalled that everyone was imprisoned so badly. “Everyone was depressed, it was hard and it was liberating and important for Strome to talk about it in public.” She promised. In addition, the singer clarifies “Everyone always wants to be beautiful on social media, but it is not real life“, She finished.

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