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Sending the student in quarantine: - The threatened director: the arrest of the father

Sending the student in quarantine: – The threatened director: the arrest of the father

On Thursday morning local time, police in Tucson, Arizona, received a letter from an elementary school outside downtown.

The father of one of the students and two other men, equipped with ribbons, went up to the school and demanded to meet the principal. Then the men were said to have threatened the director with a “civilian arrest”.

the background? Corona case and subsequent quarantine infection, writes Washington Post.

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I had to be quarantined

The case started early that morning.

One or more of the school’s 600 students have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and in connection with the discovery of the infection at the school, several other students have been identified as having close contacts.

The school staff then contacted the parents of the concerned students. The message was clear: students who had been in close contact with them had to quarantine for at least a week.

This means that the students in quarantine in this case missed a study trip, and the father of the student who would have been isolated would not accept this.

school infection Espen Rostrop Nakstad rejects confusion about school quarantine rules. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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– hard day

Therefore, the father and son who were to be isolated and two other men went to school. Inside the school, they went to the primary school principal and confronted her with the school’s quarantine guidelines.

The men, equipped with the tapes, are said to have threatened the principal with a “civilian arrest”, unless her son was allowed to return to school immediately.

Then the manager asked the three men to leave the place immediately. When they didn’t, the school called the police.

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– Today was a difficult day. One of the most powerful tools adults have is how we act in front of children. “The behavior that came out today really makes me sad,” John Carruth, president of schools in the district, told The Washington Post.

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– I felt threatened

In a reproducible statement Associated Press (AP)Director, Diane Fargo, tells us how she lived through the accident.

– I was offended when they stood in my office and claimed that I broke the law and said they would arrest me. Fargo says two of the guys aren’t fathers at school, so I felt threatened.

The Associated Press further wrote that a video clip of parts of the incident was posted on social media after the incident. It must have been one of the two men who weren’t parents at school, who took the video and then posted it.

This shows that the manager is talking to the three men calmly and asking them to leave the place, according to the Associated Press.

The father of the school student in question has been arrested, while the other two men are under investigation by police, according to the Associated Press.

It is uncertain how they would react to the arrest and investigation, respectively.