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Serginho reveals that he suffers from a mental disorder.  "I leave TVI in tears" - News

Serginho reveals that he suffers from a mental disorder. “I leave TVI in tears” – News

Marta Cardoso accepted the invitation of Roy Onas and took on the role of presenter on the podcast “Maluko Bellisa” to meet a very special guest: Serginho, her old friend.

Despite not giving interviews since 2013, Serginho said “yes” to his friend’s invitation and spoke for the first time about his controversial departure from TVI.

The conversation began with Serginho explaining that contrary to popular belief, his real profession is not about reality TV or social commentary. “I’ve been a screenwriter since 1998,” he says.

“This social commentator is not a profession for me,” he says, explaining that he has always worked behind the scenes and in producing television content.

“Sometimes I talk nonsense, but that’s not my profession,” he asserts.

Controversial exit from TVI

Serginho left TVI about a year and a half ago, having until then been the face of social realities on Você na TV. At that time, there were rumors in the press that his paving had something to do with depression. The facts that are now being explained for the first time and in first person.

“I get off the antenna when someone comes on TVI, we talk in August 2019, and they say to me, ‘Hey, look, I’m going to take you out of coordination and then I’m going to take you off the antenna. He was a powerful guy. And his name is Philippa Garnell. And then he treated me well when I was having Depression, he calls me to say: “I want to see you well, I like you very much” ”, begins to break up.

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“I don’t like people running around with me very much and I never let that happen,” he shot, revealing that after this conversation he chose to stop immediately doing Social Chronicle — not appearing on the antenna the next day.

Two weeks later, he was finally asked to return due to the sessions but he refused.

“Attention, this is all before Christina [Ferreira], so as not to confuse people, it was not even known that Christina was going to TVI,” he warns, trying to avoid misunderstandings.

“I suffered from bullying, you [Marta Cardoso] You even said to me, “Look, if you want to leave I will lend you money so you can survive until you get another job,” she recalls, and thanked her friend for helping her through this difficult time.

Because of “bullying” he says was a target of his at work, Serginho says he started “driving car slacks and things like that.” “I go to a psychiatric consultation and the psychiatrist gives me an urgent psychological emptying. The next day I went to the entity I collaborated with, with green receipts, I went to a manager to tell her: ‘I am not fit, the doctor does not want me to come to work, and the answer is: ‘I don’t know why’ you are here. If I were you, I would leave,” she recalls.

“So I left TVI in tears because I was so depressed and because I had been bullied for seven months by a marraqueka who doesn’t distinguish left foot from right foot,” he says, without filters.

Forced back home, Serginho focused on treatments and ended up discovering he had a mental disorder.

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“I’m going to say this in public for the first time,” he confirms, explaining that he suffers from cyclothymia – a chronic disorder that he discovered living with for several years. It is basically a mental disorder that causes you to experience changes in mood and state of mind early on.

“I stopped talking to someone and went home and didn’t know why,” Serginho recalls, who realized with the diagnosis what was happening to him and ended up apologizing to various people he felt might have been unfair all along. Years.

He asserts, “When I was diagnosed and treated, I found out who I am and why I sometimes treat some people badly or be rude, when I realized it was because of it. I began to understand myself.”

Accompanied by medical and stable professionals, the screenwriter is now going through an excellent professional phase. Serginho is proudly one of the minds to write the successful series “Patrões Fora”.

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