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Sérgio Conceição and the attack on the family car: “I was shocked” - FC Porto

Sérgio Conceição and the attack on the family car: “I was shocked” – FC Porto

The FC Porto coach took the opportunity to thank him for the message he received

At the pre-match press conference with Sp. Braga, Sergio Conceição spoke for the first time about stoning his family’s car after his duel with Club Brugge, assuming this situation ended up leaving him troubled. However, the Porto coach made it clear that he thinks this moment is not a Porto fan photo. “Obviously it was a situation that shook me and my family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the support of all the parties I have received, without any discrimination from the club, who have given me a word, a gesture of support. Thank you everything. Yesterday I had a visit that affected me so much in the IPO, and it was I have an emotional statement at the time, in which I said I would exchange all the victories, achievements and happy moments in these kids’ lives. With my family it’s the same. Nothing is more important than my family. I will trade whatever is an athletic success for her well-being. There is nothing else To add. I think everyone here sees themselves in my words, from someone who experienced the attack, to people not directly related to success or non-athletes,” he began by saying at a press conference. When asked about possible motives for this act, the technician admitted that he did not know. “I have no idea, it’s under investigation. I got here when I was 15, it’s been so many years. I’ve been a hero as a player and a hero as a coach. In five years I’ve been a hero three times. I had help from the whole structure, the technical team and the players to be The most famous coach of the club besides Artur Jorge. For me this does not matter, for people it seems that it is not. But we cannot cross the line of passion, the will to win and indescribable stupidity. An isolated gesture, this is not an example”, he said.

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