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Sérgio Conceição handles a fan fall at Alvalade and ignores the competitions

Sérgio Conceição handles a fan fall at Alvalade and ignores the competitions

The Porto coach praised the humanitarian situation of his work group in the face of last week’s derby incident against Sporting.

On the sidelines of Wednesday’s Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, Sergio Conceicao was asked about Tuesday’s incident. Sporting fan fall, in the derby Saturday, and recalled the concern of his players what happened.

“I know the group I have, and besides the quality as professionals, they are players with above-average human quality. I have seen anxiety with a rival fan, but in moments like this there is no competition, there is a person’s life. The most important thing”, stressed the Dragons coach.

The same press conference was attended by Pepe, captain of the Dragons, who took the opportunity on the same topic to wish “all is well with the Sporting fan” and left “a word of strength to his relatives”.

Returning to the main topic of the press conference, Sergio Conceicao expected difficulties in the face of Atletico Madrid, in a duel between two teams that the coach classified as “ambitious, determined, did not turn a blind eye to the fight, and I believe that every show can be decisive”, but in that it impresses Differences in gameplay.

“We are a team that is more urgent in the defensive task, and they are more patient. I am not saying that they do not press, or that they do not react to a loss, rather they scored several goals in the transitional phase, but they are more patient in the middle and low block. With the ball, they are also teams. different,” the Dragon Trainer analyzed.

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In addition to Atletico Madrid, FC Porto’s group also includes Liverpool and AC Milan, and Sergio Conceicao insisted on emphasizing the strength of these rivals.

“We were in the Champions League final in 2004, and since then the other three have reached the finals twice. This shows the historical strength and weight of these clubs. I hope that despite the difference in financial strength, we can face our ambition and determination to win,” stressed Sergio Conceicao .