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Sérgio Conceição passionate in Dragão: "We'll be here again for the duo" - FC Porto

Sérgio Conceição passionate in Dragão: “We’ll be here again for the duo” – FC Porto

The coach of FC Porto expressed his regret over the absence of Bento da Costa from the party

Sérgio Conceição couldn’t contain his emotions at the moment of celebrations with FC Porto fans who filled Alameda do Dragão.

“A great party. I would like the most important person in the history of this club to be here, who is our president. He would have spruced up this party, but I understand, and I, like him, will think of the Portuguese Cup final and we will be here on the 22nd.” At night to celebrate the double. This is what I want union and the desire to win more titles. Such a wonderful path of victories and achievements,” said Porto coach Canal.


Sergio Conceicao:

The Dragon Trainer also left a message to the fans in attendance at the party: “We know the sacrifices we will be here to salute. For them, all we can conquer is for these people who are here. Easy. My thanks to all the fans, members and supporters.”

Uribe, who is absent from Luz due to injury, also expressed his happiness: “Very special, the tournament two years ago was in an epidemic and we couldn’t celebrate with the fans. Very special for all of us. I feel very proud. Team. 100 per cent, I had to be honest with Everyone, from the coaching staff to the players, because I knew another teammate could do a better job than me. It was great, but you’re on the bench suffer twice. It’s a bonus to everyone, we showed what we are.”

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by Jose Santos


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