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Sergio Oliveira and Diogo Leit with an open future

Sergio Oliveira and Diogo Leit with an open future

Sergio Oliveira and Diogo Light were the most notable absentees after FC Porto returned to work with their futures open.

The midfielder and defender did not appear in Olival on Friday, unlike the rest of the players, according to More Both discovered a statement from SAD management not to merge the business and to look for a new club.

This absence from the first training course and the medical exams that preceded it is not due to the exclusion dictated by Sérgio Conceição, but rather a matter of asset management and the search for a solution in the market for both players.

Sergio Oliveira was on loan to Roma in the latter half of the season, however, despite three goals and one assist in 22 games, Jose Mourinho’s side did not trigger a €13.5 million buyout clause.

The 30-year-old Portugal international midfielder is now the subject of interest from Turkish clubs, with Galatasaray FC and Fenerbahce leading Jorge Jesus. The file of the departure of one of the players with the highest salaries in the team is in the hands of businessman Jorge Mendes.

In a similar situation was Diogo Light, who has been on loan all season for SBN. Braga [tendo participado em 34 jogos]However, Minho also did not exercise the €12 million purchase clause. With a lack of space in the options, even though FC Porto are looking for reinforcements to their defence, the 23-year-old is also expecting a specification.

It should be noted that Sergio Oliveira and Diogo Light contracted with FC Porto until 2025 and 2024, respectively.

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It must be remembered that so far the national champions have not announced any signings and have four confirmed departures: Fabio Vieira, Vitenha, Ruben Semedo and Mbemba.