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Sergio Rossi comments on the feud with gata and romana.  "It saddens me"

Sergio Rossi comments on the feud with gata and romana. “It saddens me”

sErgio Rossi was on Tuesday, August 31, to have a chat with Manuel Luis Jocha on TVI’s afternoon program. The singer opened his heart and was surprised by an unexpected message from his aunt, singer Agata.

If this is an expected message at times, not so much now. The aunt and her niece are once again going through a bad moment in their relationship, therefore, Sergio’s reaction was quite a surprise to a video sent by his aunt.

Ghosheh noticed the musician’s astonishment, and wanted to know how Ágata and Sérgio’s relationship was now. The musician replied: “Like a dog and a cat.”

Admitting that he does not always agree with the views and attitudes of his aunt, Sergio does not hide his admiration and gratitude for everything she did for him. He says, “Thank you very much.”

And about the fact that he was also turning his back on his sister, Romana, the musician only said: “I won’t go into details.”

Despite the singer’s resistance to talking about it, Josh wanted to know if these familiar struggles were making him sad.

“It saddens me when family, we, as public figures, often allow, within the family, access to the public side,” he says, realizing that he does not like people who talk about his family “out of doors.”

“It was not necessary to put things in the public square,” he pleads, emphasizing that his main goal is to “preserve family life.”

It seems that the reason for the family dispute is Romana’s statements to her father on the “Julia” program. The singer said she had outbursts of violence as a child, and although she didn’t get a portion of the money she made early in her career, when she was a minor.

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