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Sergipe records 701 cases of Covid-19 and three more deaths on Thursday

Sergipe records 701 cases of Covid-19 and three more deaths on Thursday

On Thursday, 01, the State Department of Health (SES) issued the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Coronavirus, with a number of 701 cases, three deaths on Thursday and 13 deaths under investigation and confirmation. In Sergipe, 264,213 people tested positive for Covid-19 and 5,714 people died. To date, 247,089 patients have been treated.

The 16 deaths are: a man, 70, from Aracaju, who had cancer and high blood pressure. A 35-year-old male from Nossa Senhora do Socorro, with acute renal failure; A 55-year-old woman from Itabiana, unsatisfied; a 49-year-old male from Salgado, without co-morbidities; a 49-year-old man from Nossa Senhora do Socorro, a former smoker and a lung disease sufferer; A 67-year-old woman from Itabiana, suffering from hypertension; A 55-year-old male from Aracaju, without co-morbidities; A 42-year-old man from Aracaju, with hypertension and diabetes mellitus; A 54-year-old male from Barra dos Coqueiros, obese; 45-year-old male from Aracaju, no co-morbidity; A 69-year-old male from Nossa Senhora do Socorro, without co-morbidity; A 58-year-old man from Aracaju, suffering from obesity, hypertension and diabetes. a 75-year-old male from Canindé de São Francisco, without co-morbidity; A 71-year-old man from Ribeiropolis, suffering from hypertension, diabetes and cancer; A 63-year-old woman from São Cristovao, with chronic lung disease and hypertension; A 58-year-old woman from Nossa Senhora da Glória, with no co-morbidities.

A total of 542,553 exams were taken and 278,340 exams were negative. A total of 494 patients were hospitalized, of whom 176 are in the general service in intensive care beds (adult), five in the neonatal / pediatric intensive care unit and 131 in clinical beds (dispensary), for a total of 312. In special service beds, 108 people They are hospitalized in an adult intensive care unit, one in a neonatal intensive care unit and 73 in clinical beds, for a total of 182. Four other deaths were investigated. 854 exams collected are still awaiting results.

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The Secretariat has already distributed a total of 791,752 doses of the first shipment to municipalities, of which 788,358 doses have been applied. Regarding the second dose, 328,913 doses were distributed, with 245,097 doses applied. In addition, 13,853 doses were applied out of a total of 16,300 single doses distributed to municipalities.