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Serial killer Robert (68) will spend the rest of his life in an underground bulletproof dungeon

Serial killer Robert (68) will spend the rest of his life in an underground bulletproof dungeon

Robert Maudsley (68), one of Britain’s most dangerous serial killers, lives in what is practically an underground chest.

He is held 23 hours a day and has no contact with staff or other prisoners at Wakefield Prison in Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK. The prison is often referred to as the “Monster’s Palace”, because it is the prison where the most dangerous criminals end up.

Maudsley’s cell was built specifically for him in 1983 in the basement of the prison, and it is covered with bulletproof glass.

Dungeon 5.5 hitting 4.5 meters, and gets all his meals through a hole in the wall. He sits in the cell 23 hours a day, and is allowed outside to move around for an hour a day, a good distance from other people. The dungeon has been his home for less than 40 years.

Prison: Wakefield Prison in Yorkshire, UK. Photo: HMB Wakefield

Before Christmas this year, he applied to be allowed to mingle with other prisoners. In his application, he also wrote that he could imagine a parrot of some company, or that he wanted access to television or music.

Maudsley was deprived of everything he wanted, with the message that he should content himself with staying in the dungeon until he died. He writes for a number of British media, among others sound echo.

It is considered very dangerous for him to be able to communicate with other people.

I started to kill

Maudsley was one of 12 children in her family, and she was raised in poverty. He lived for some time in an orphanage, but his parents eventually brought him home.

The father is said to have been very violent and is said to have locked him in a room for several months. When he was 16 years old, he ran away from home. With nowhere to go, he was making a living selling his body, and he developed a substance abuse problem.

He first ended up in the spotlight in 1974, when one of his clients was murdered.

The agent is said to have shown him pictures of sexually abused children just before the killing.

Describing the murder as very brutal, Maudsley was arrested.

He was sent to Bradmoor Hospital, where many of the most dangerous killers were sent.


Only in prison did Maudsley become a serial killer.

During his early years in prison, he behaved well, but in 1977 he went with another inmate and locked himself in a cell with a convicted child abuser.

They tortured and killed the child abuser, before being hung on screen for prison staff.

Maudsley was then transferred to Wakefield Prison, where he was placed in a regular ward.

A year after the previous murder, in 1978, he took the life of another inmate.

The employee was convicted of killing his wife, and Maudsley used a knife to kill her husband. After the murder, he hid the body under the bed, before moving to the ward to search for other potential victims.

There he found Bill Roberts, who was convicted of sexually abusing a 7-year-old child. He also stabbed Roberts, before quietly walking to the prison guard and saying there would be two less for dinner that day.

I’m tired of being alone

After repeated events in the prison, the authorities had no choice but to keep Maudsley away from the other prisoners. He was also sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

That’s why they built the chest, the dungeon they now inhabited.

He has repeatedly applied to change the prison system. In 2000, he sent an application asking for permission to die.

What is the purpose of keeping me locked up? Why bother feeding me and giving me an hour of exercise a day? asked there.

He further wrote that with the conditions in which he lived thereafter, he had nothing to look forward to but a mental breakdown.

He also wrote that if it was not possible to meet him based on desires, he could imagine a cyanide capsule that he would take kindly.

– Then the problem of Robert John Maudsley will be solved easily and simply.

The answers were always, and it was also just before Christmas, that he would be imprisoned for the rest of his life. And they could not fulfill any of his desires.

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