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Serial killer Robert Pickton assaulted in prison

Serial killer Robert Pickton assaulted in prison

Notorious: Robert Pickton was sentenced to life in prison in 2007. Image: BCTV News for Global/HO/EPA

Pig farmer Robert Pickton is said to have killed about two dozen women on his Vancouver farm in the 1990s and 2000s.

After dozens of women disappeared under mysterious circumstances, police made horrific discoveries at the pig farm:

In total, they discovered traces of DNA or remains from 33 women.

In 2007, pig farmer Robert Pickton was sentenced to life in prison for six murders, but he may have been behind many more.

He was accused of 20 other murders, but this trial was never carried out. According to the Associated Press, Pickton allegedly told a police officer that he had killed 49 women, and that the target was 50.

Several women demonstrated outside Port Coquitlam prison in February, protesting that Pickton should be able to apply for parole. Photograph: Jennifer Gauthier/Reuters/NTB

The Pickton case became infamous around the world for its gruesome details. The serial killer is said to have picked up many of his victims from prostitutes and drug addicts on the streets of Vancouver, and it was found in court that he may have dismembered his victims before feeding them to pigs.

– Tears of joy

Now 74-year-old Robert Picton is left with serious injuries after being assaulted at Quebec's high-security Port-Cartier prison on Sunday.

Hugues Beaulieu, a local police spokesman, says so AP news agency. A 51-year-old fellow prisoner is suspected of being behind the attack.

– We cannot give more details or medical information. The police said in a statement to the Canadian Channel that the security of the institution is very important, and an investigation has been opened into what happened CBC.

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Canadian Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc told the AP that his thoughts are now with the families of the victims.

He says he is one of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

-I don't think anyone so evil should be allowed to walk the Earth. “I'm crying tears of joy,” Cynthia Cardinale, the sister of slain Georgina Babin, told the AP.