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Set a new record for Mount Everest

Set a new record for Mount Everest

Tsang Yin-hung (45) reached the summit of the highest mountain in the world on Sunday May 23rd, as the fastest woman ever. Reports among others BBC.

According to the channel, the former teacher from Hong Kong spent 25 hours and 50 minutes from the base camp to the highest point. The last time has passed Record from 2018, Prepared by Phunjo Jhangmu Lama, Nepalese, with over 12 hours.

I just feel relieved and happy, because I don’t aim to break any records. “I just wanted to challenge myself,” Yin Hong said at a press conference in Kathmandu on Sunday.

Several records

to me times The 45-year-old also attempted to climb the mountain earlier in May, but had to move about 100 meters from the summit due to a snowstorm.

Last weekend, she reportedly took only two breaks on the way to changing her clothes. Usually, climbers spend several days climbing a mountain.

Two other records were set on Mount Everest on May 23 and 24.

Arthur Muir, 75, a retired Chicago attorney, on Sunday became the oldest American to climb the tallest mountain in the world. The next day, Zhang Hong (46) from China reached the summit as the first blind man from Asia.

Breakout at base camp

After closing access to Mount Everest due to the pandemic, Nepal reopened its doors to climbers in mid-March.

At the end of April received Norwegian Erlind Ness discovers covid-19 on the way to base camp. A few weeks later this was reported Several confirmed casess.

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According to mountain guide Lukas Furtenback, at least 100 people were infected in the outbreak at the base camp on May 22. Tell AP The estimate was based on information from rescue pilots, insurance companies, doctors and expedition leaders.

According to the news agency, representatives of the Nepalese authorities denied the existence of active cases of infection among climbers and employees in al-Qaeda camps in the country.

While China has prevented foreigners from reaching the summit, Nepal has seen a record high during this year’s season in an effort to speed up tourism.