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Seven games without a win - Hanover 96 in crisis

Seven games without a win – Hanover 96 in crisis

Hannover 96 started the season with fresh air. But Lower Saxony is back against the wall after 14 match days. Because the traditional club once again missed a win.

Hannover 96 was undefeated in seven second division games. Against SC Baderborn, coach John Zimmerman’s team scored only 0-0 at home. That means that even if Hanover advances from 15th to 13th, it could slip to 16th on this match day. In the parallel game, Nர்rnberg won late in the SV Sandhausen.

Hanover 96 – SC Baderborn

SC Baderborn missed the jump to the top of the table. Coach Lucas Kwasnikov’s team did not go 0-0 in the battle of the former first division clubs in Hannover 96. SCP are third in the table with 25 points, but could still lose the rankings eliminated during the 14th day match.

With Hanover (14) stuck in the bottom half of the table, the pressure on coach John Zimmerman is likely to increase without winning the seventh consecutive league game. After a red card against Julian Barner, 96 people were ruled out from the 67th minute.

Hanover acted bravely in the first half hour and initially pulled the tooth of a strong Paterbon attack. Hoffenheim Lone Maximilian Pierre missed the first big chance in the 29th minute, but SCP goalkeeper Janick Hood missed a close attack.

After the break, Federer increased the pressure in front of 10,400 spectators, with Denise Srpeni (58th) failing from a promising position, and Julian Justvan hitting the post twice (70th / 76th) after being sent off against Barner.

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SV Sandhausen – 1. FC Nuremberg

1. FC Nürnberg, who was out a few weeks ago, has digested his first two defeats in the 2nd Bundesliga. In the case of Corona-affected, expelled candidate SV Sandhausen, the “club” won through the Joker’s Eric Shurano’s late door 2: 1 (0: 0) and came close to being promoted again.

Even after their mandatory corona break, the sand houses are still waiting for their first home success and are currently in the evicted location. Emmanuel Hohn (66th) gave the hosts the lead, Fabian Nர்rnberger (84th) equalized, and Shuranov made a late (90th + 3) decision.