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Several arrested after shooting at ID event in US

Several arrested after shooting at ID event in US

The shooting is said to have occurred in a park in Philadelphia. Five people were arrested after the shooting.

Police: Several police units responded to the incident that occurred in Philadelphia. Photo: AP

The incident in which the shooting occurred occurred in connection with an ID event in the city.

The incident occurred west of Philadelphia, in the eastern state of Pennsylvania.

Police cordoned off a large area after the shooting. The accident must have occurred in a park in the city. There were many food trucks and tents in the park. It is said that more than 1,000 people were in attendance.

In a press conference after the incident, police told more about what happened.

“We are lucky today because no more people were shot and no one was killed,” says Kevin Bethel of the Philadelphia Police.

Press Conference: It was Kevin Bethel of the Philadelphia Police who held the press conference today. Photo: AP

He added that there was an exchange of gunfire between two groups inside the park where the events were held, and about 30 bullets were fired.

They say they arrested five people and confiscated several weapons.

Police fired gunshots during the incident to control the scene. A 15-year-old was shot by police, and the person was taken to the hospital.

Two other people were also shot during the incident.

“We believe this happened during a shootout,” Bethel says.

Park: Police cordoned off the area where the shooting was said to have occurred. American media reported that this happened in a park. Photo: AP

American media reported the incident at 15:00 local time. Around 21:00 Norwegian time.

CBS News wrote that several police units were on their way to the scene. They quickly took control of the situation.

“People just wanted to have a good time, and then again it happens that young men with guns are wreaking havoc,” says Bethel of the Philadelphia Police Department about the shooting.

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