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Several landslides caused traffic problems Friday morning

Train stuck: Several passengers have been stuck at Myrdal station for more than six hours, one caller told VG. He says it’s cold, but they’ve got some blankets, plus simple food and drink.

An avalanche occurred over the Bergen railway in the section between Hallingskeid and Myrdal. Large amounts of snow also stopped traffic on National Highway 13 in Ullensvang.


VG has been in contact with many of the train passengers who were affected. Among other things, there is a train in Myrdal, which has been stationary for more than six hours.

– There’s a lot of snow on the track and physical damage, says Bane Nor’s Harry Korslund.

The landslide occurred in Cliffavat Net. There were no trains when the landslide occurred.

– This is a landslide-prone area, and we have several snow caps there, says Korslund.

Fixed: – Someone is freezing

Cinder is sitting on one of the trains that got hit. He left Oslo at 16:30 and was supposed to be in Bergen before midnight, but when VG speaks it is at 5 on Friday morning, and they are stuck at Myrdal station.

– I’m so tired now. There was a good atmosphere in the cafe and bar in the beginning, but now it’s quiet. He says some of them freeze.

He says he was embarrassed when the train first stopped, due to the violent weather outside.

Outside there was a perfect storm and we didn’t see anything. It was a little bad, but it’s fine now. We got water, energy bars and some blankets.

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He says they were not given any alternative travel option, because neither cars nor buses can reach the area due to bad weather.

We are being followed up with some information, but I don’t think they have complete control over what happened, he says.

Travelers will strike Friday

Korslund in Bane Nor says it will likely be a while before they enter the area.

– Will this affect travelers in the morning hours and throughout the day?

– Yes. Bergensbanen is closed until further notice. Korslund says I encourage travelers to look up information from the train company they’re traveling with.

The Vy train company reports that the Voss – Finse section is closed to train traffic due to power problems.

– You have to expect delays and adjustments, they write.

Motorway closure: There has been a large landslide on National Highway 13 Suldalsvegen in Ullensvang.

Avalanche over the highway

There was a large avalanche on national highway 13 Suldalsvegen in Ullensvang municipality. The police were notified of this just before midnight.

– There have been many landslides along Røldalsvannet, says Operations Manager Stine Mjelde.

The road is closed between Nesflatten and Hara, and a new assessment will not take place until 12 noon on Friday, according to the Swedish Traffic Agency.

Emergency services on both sides. Mjelde says they can’t rule out someone being hit by the landslide, but right now there’s no indication of that.

– No one has been reported missing and no one has called from the landslide area, but there is a huge landslide with potentially cars that can’t be seen, so we can’t completely rule that out, she says.

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The police called in volunteers from the Red Cross and other organizations who were staying at the Roerdahl Hotel.

At the moment, it is not safe to enter the avalanche zone.

– Do you want to search for possible cars and people in an avalanche, if it will be safe later?

– This should be evaluated with the Roads Administration and the municipality, among others. Mgildy says the place should be cleaned up at some point anyway.

She notes that there are a few buildings in the area, but they should also consider the possibility of evacuating people in the area.