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Several people were killed after fierce Russian attacks.  Power outages in Kyiv, Lviv and Moldova - three nuclear power plants were closed.

Several people were killed after fierce Russian attacks. Power outages in Kyiv, Lviv and Moldova – three nuclear power plants were closed.

After the European Parliament decided to classify Russia as a terrorist regime, a new Russian missile attack on Ukraine came. Electricity and water were cut off in parts of the capital and in Lviv in the west of the country. The power outage is also affecting the neighboring country of Moldova.

A number of civilians were killed after the Russian missile attacks on Kyiv on Wednesday.

– The whole city is without electricity. We are waiting for more information from energy experts, said Lviv Mayor Andrej Sadovig on social media Wednesday afternoon.

He warns of a possible disruption to the city’s water supply.

The Associated Press reported that there was a heavy sound of what appeared to be repeated explosions in Kyiv on Wednesday afternoon. There are also power and water cuts.

– The enemy launched missile attacks on vital infrastructure in Kyiv. Stay in shelters until the anti-aircraft siren stops, Kyiv city authorities said on social media.

Three nuclear power plants are not connected

On Wednesday afternoon, Ukrainian authorities reported that three nuclear power plants had been disconnected from the power grid in the wake of the Russian attacks. In addition, the Zaporizjzja Power Plant lost its external power source.

Nuclear power plants rely on an energy source to cool the reactors.

No further details of the situation are yet known, but the Ukrainian nuclear power company Energoatom says radiation levels are normal at all three power plants. And the disconnection occurs after the emergency protection is activated, according to Reuters.

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Rescue personnel at work at the site of one of the rocket attacks, here in Vyshgorod in the Kyiv region.

Several units at the Pevdinokrainsk power plant in the south of the country have been disconnected, according to Sky News. However, there should be no malfunctions in the power plant itself.

The mayor of the town of Nechin also told the channel that units at the Khmelnytskji power plant in the west of the country were not producing electricity.

The power plant in Rivne was also disconnected.

Water supply stopped

An official said on Wednesday afternoon that three were killed and six wounded in the attack on the capital.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko states that the infrastructure has been damaged and the water supply has been temporarily stopped. He also says that one of the dead was a 17-year-old girl, and that at least 11 people were wounded, he wrote to Reuters. At the same time, Agence France-Presse reports to journalists about power outages in the northern and central parts of Kyiv.

Klitschko says Russia fired 31 missiles at Kyiv on Wednesday, and 21 of them were shot down by air defences.

The population of Kyiv is about three million.

State electricity company Okenergo says all regions of the country will see power outages in the coming days.

The issue continues below the photos.

One of the Russian attacks hit an apartment building and a playground in Vyshgorod.
The size of the damage is great after the missile attack. Here from Kyiv.

Ukrainian air defense

Explosions were also heard in the cities of Odessa, Mykolaiv, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk, the DPA news agency writes. No injuries or deaths have been reported here, and many of the explosions may have been caused by Ukrainian air defences.

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Russia has attacked the Ukrainian capital several times in recent weeks, leading to widespread power outages.

On Tuesday of last week, Ukraine’s electricity supply was badly damaged in a new wave of Russian missile attacks targeting Kyiv, Lviv, and more.

Power outages in neighboring countries

Neighboring Moldova was again affected by power outages in the wake of the attacks in Ukraine.

– As a result of the Russian bombing of Ukraine’s power system, there has been a massive blackout across the country in the last hour, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Spino wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

Previously, Moldova, like Ukraine, was part of the Soviet Union. The country’s power grid is still closely linked to Ukraine’s power grid. Therefore, the blackouts in Ukraine extend to the smaller neighboring country.

He adds that grid operator Moldelectrica has been working to restore the power supply.

Also earlier this month, many people in Moldova lost electricity in the wake of the Russian attacks on Ukraine.

A newborn baby was killed when Russia attacked a maternity hospital in Vilnyansk on Wednesday.

The attacks that followed the European Union declared Russia a terrorist regime

At 12:15, the European Parliament passed a resolution by a large majority that “Russia is a state that supports terrorism in connection with the war in Ukraine.” An hour later came the first reports of new attacks on Kyiv’s infrastructure.

The European Union Parliament declared that the premeditated attacks and assaults carried out by Russia against the civilian population of Ukraine, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other gross violations of human rights and international law, are acts of terrorism, as stated in the resolution adopted by the elected members of the European Union Parliament. .

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Parliamentarians encourage the 27 member states to do the same.