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Severe weather: - A new hurricane threatens the United States

Severe weather: – A new hurricane threatens the United States

It’s only been two weeks since Category 4 Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana and Mississippi with violent force and devastation. After it degenerated into a tropical storm, Ida continued up the eastern coast of the United States and dumped massive amounts of rain down New Jersey and New York, among other places.

Now Americans are preparing for Hurricane Nicholas, which is moving steadily towards Texas and the city of millions in Houston.

The news agency reported that the cyclone made landfall on Tuesday morning, Norwegian time AP.

promoted: Storm Nicholas was upgraded from a tropical storm to a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday night. Photo: NOAA/Reuters/NTB
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in the heights

The hurricane is currently defined as a Category 1 hurricane, having been upgraded from tropical storm night to Tuesday.

Just hours before hitting Earth, Nicholas was measured with a wind speed of 33.3 meters per second.

According to forecasts, Nicholas could lead to more than 40 centimeters of precipitation and wind speeds of up to 104 kilometers per hour, according to reports. Reuters.

At 03:00 NST, Galveston, Texas, Mayor Craig Brown told the New York Times that the city was beginning to notice the storm. Residents have also been asked to move to higher altitudes due to the risk of flooding.

Expect heavy rain

Forecasts indicate that the city of Houston is in the path of a hurricane. Nicholas is expected to dump 457 mm of rain over the Houston area, NTB writes.

There’s still some unpredictability with this storm, but we know it’s mainly going to rain, says Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

the damage: Hurricane Ida continues to devastate the United States, and has caused significant material damage. Video: Twitter / St. Bernard Parish. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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The city is very resilient. We know what we have to do. We know how to prepare, he adds, noting the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the news agency wrote. AP.

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At that time, 150,000 homes in the Houston area were submerged.

In the area, schools are closed on Tuesdays. Corona testing stations and vaccination sites are also closed.

Flood: Tropical Storm Elsa recently wreaked havoc in New York, USA. Video: Whatisnewyork via Instagram.
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Houston’s mayor has asked people to stay home at least until Tuesday morning U.S. time, while also thanking pop star Harry Styles, who canceled a planned concert in the city for Monday night.

– Unfortunately, due to the upcoming storm in Houston, I have recommended that tonight’s show cannot be carried out at the Toyota Center. Safety should be a priority, so please go home and stay safe. very sorry. thanks for understanding. I love you all, Styles himself writes on Twitter.

Earlier on Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a disaster declaration to provide assistance to 17 counties along the state’s coast.