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Severe weather - warns of 'icemageddon'

Severe weather – warns of ‘icemageddon’

On Sunday, 19.4 degrees Celsius was measured on Kodiak Island, southwest Alaska. He writes that it is seven degrees warmer than the previous temperature record in what is by far the coldest state in the United States BBC.

The unusual weather does not stop here.

Other records have been set in other parts of Alaska. In the southeastern city of Ketchikan, temperatures dropped to minus 18 degrees on December 25. It is one of the coldest Christmas days in the city’s history.


Local authorities are now warning of what they call “icemageddon”.

Extreme weather conditions mean that large amounts of rain and snow cause ice as hard as cement to cover several roads in the state.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Utilities explains that thick ice is dangerous for drivers.

It is very difficult to remove snow once it sticks to the road surface. Although the air is warm, the road surface temperature is below zero, the ministry wrote on Twitter.

Difficult conditions

There are warm air currents from Hawaii that make the cold and usually dry period more humid. Heavy rains and changing temperatures led to power outages and road closures.

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There is no easy fix for ice-covered roads, so conditions may remain challenging for some time to come.

Climate researcher Rick Thoman at the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment told the BBC that the snow was likely to cling to the roads until March or April.

precipitation record

The worst winter storm since 1937 hit Fairbanks this Christmas. She had about 25 cm of snow with her. Frequent snowfall has buried the only grocery store in a small town outside of Fairbanks, Thoman says.

Here, too, records are set for the least pleasant variety.

in a message on Twitter He says Fairbanks has set a new annual record for precipitation, with total rainfall of 472.9 millimeters so far this year.

Snow: Snow covered the weather station in Denali.  Photo: Twitter /NWSFairbanks

Snow: Snow covered the weather station in Denali. Photo: Twitter /NWSFairbanks
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in a Video Shared by the National Weather Service Fairbanks, one can see a violent snowstorm moving through the city on Wednesday.

– Visibility will sometimes be 400 meters or less, it cuts off.

The climate researcher believes that the extreme weather variances are due to global warming.

– When all the pieces fall into place in this world that is getting hotter, we will have unexpected weather periods. That’s what we expect, he told the BBC.