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Sexta Vieira Negra.  Four tips for making "smart choices" this year

Sexta Vieira Negra. Four tips for making “smart choices” this year

The Black Friday is coming and many consumers are taking advantage of this time of the year to shop with promotions. Discounts are, as a rule, attractive, but it is essential that you be attentive to ensure that you land on really good deals.

In this track, Doutor Finance offers four tips aimed at helping consumers make “smart choices” this year – and save:

1. Create a budget

“With prices falling, it’s easy to lose control of your purchases because although you’re spending less on each purchase, the amounts add up and this can lead to higher spending than originally intended – especially in the case of compulsive readers and collectors.

However, determining the maximum amount you can spend on Black Friday can and should be your first step. Keep in mind that there may be sales every day, and then you can consider separating your budget by day, by store, or even by “category” (such as technology, clothing, etc.).

2. Start early

It sounds obvious, but in the rush to get the biggest discounts, we sometimes forget that starting early can be the best tactic. Black Friday 2022 has a set date of November 25th, and until then there are three phases you should pay special attention to: search, compare, and select .

Before you begin, think about yourself: what are you looking for? Do you have a need that needs an answer right now? Knowing what you want to buy during Black Friday is an excellent way to not get sucked into the “when it arrives, I’ll see what’s in” philosophy, because there may be discounts, while good, for products you don’t really need. “

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3. Black Friday…online?

“For some consumers, long queues and empty shelves can be a real nightmare. Hence, websites emerge as a good solution, as online commerce in Portugal is increasingly geared up for the most anticipated Friday of the year.

Plus, the best Black Friday prices appear very early. Opportunities may be available as early as midnight on campaign day. It may also happen that discounts in some brands are exclusive online and hence, for the consumer who wants to take advantage of the best opportunities, buying online may be the best option.

By taking advantage of the best discounts online, it also helps you stay within the budget you set for yourself, because in addition to benefiting from the lowest prices, you also get more control over the expenses when you put products in the shopping cart. “

Pay attention to exchanges, returns and deliveries

“For many consumers, Black Friday is the right time to start Christmas shopping, to take advantage of the best opportunities. If this is your situation, we advise you to pay attention to two very important factors: delivery time, store exchange and return policy .

The Christmas season is a busier time for both stores and carriers. As a result, it’s important to understand the delivery expectations that stores provide, as well as research and see if the dates tend to be met, to ensure gifts arrive on time for the big day.

On your Black Friday savings trip, also note that stores offer free shipping to an address of your choosing, or even in-store deliveries, as they can help you meet your budget.”

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