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'Shadow Government' will be renamed 'The Program We Are Legally Prohibited From Saying' - Observer

‘Shadow Government’ will be renamed ‘The Program We Are Legally Prohibited From Saying’ – Observer

The “Governo Sombra” program will return next Friday, but with a new name: from now on, it will be called “the program that we are legally forbidden to say.” It will also not be released by TSF and technically it will be a new program, although the format remains the same. The information was shared by the moderator, journalist Carlos Vaz Marquez, on social networks.

The need to change the name of this political commentary program (with humor in the mix), which features Ricardo Araujo Pereira, Pedro Mexia and Joao Miguel Tavares, was reported a few hours ago by Carlos Vaz Marquez, who posted on his Twitter account of what has changed since I went Shadow Cabinet is on vacation. The last episode of the show aired about a month ago, on the 31st of July.

We’ll be the usual four posters, the same since 2008,” Carlos Vaz Márquez said in a tweet Monday regarding the return of the programme, which is changing its name but keeping the templates and champions. We’ll be back next Friday, on SIC Notícias and on the podcast. With one very simple change: we can’t continue to use the brand we’ve created. Out of ingenuity and goodwill, we never scored it.”

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This is because, according to data available at the National Institute of Industrial Property, TSF Rádio Notícias, the name “Governo Sombra” was registered: the patent application was filed by the station in September 2016, after the Certainly In December 2017.

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In the middle of this month, Carlos Vaz Marquez shared on his personal Facebook account general text (Open to all) in which he claims to have been a victim of “professional bullying” by TSF, exposing his version of a professional conflict that has led to his contractual relationship with the group that owns the station – Global Media Group – from being “resolved in court”.

The station’s management has never publicly commented on Carlos Vaz Marquez’s accusations and the case is expected to be resolved in court.

Thus the patent for the “Governo Sombra” program remains with TSF, but the new format – “the program that we are legally forbidden to say” no longer exists at the station where it was born 13 years ago. It will continue on TV on Fridays (SIC Notícias) and will also be available as a podcast at expressionIt is part of the Empresa Group, which owns the cable channel.