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Shakira and Pique’s children didn’t want to meet Clara Xia, but a viral photo covered that meeting

Shakira and Pique’s children didn’t want to meet Clara Xia, but a viral photo covered that meeting

Gerrard Pique that it Clara Shea Stay together in a happy relationship. On the other side, Shakira, is still recovering from the breakup with the former soccer player. However, there are two other items in between: the children of the former spouses, Milanten years, and Sashaout of eight.

According to the Spanish journalist and photographer Jordy Martinwho spoke on this topic in InstagramKids continue Turn down a date with Abi’s new girlfriendand the same has not happened yet, allegedly.

The journalist states that the children do not like seeing their mother sad, which is why they have already told Pique that they do not want to be with Clara.

They saw it [Shakira] It got so bad they said to her father, “We don’t want to see Clara Xia, we don’t want to meet her, we don’t want you to take her home when we’re there.”‘ says the photographer.

The story of the viral photo of Clara Shea with the kids that turned out to be untrue

However, on social media, and later in the Spanish press, a video was taken directly from Piqué’s innovative project, the King League At the end of which more than 90,000 people gathered at the Camp Nou, Barcelona’s national stadium.

And in this viral video, there was talk of who it would be The first meeting of the children of the former football player with his new girlfriend. Although the information was sold like this, it was now to reject In the press.

aabel_ab #piqueyshakira #Spear # kings ♬ original sound – abel

How to write a newspaper TempoIn the photos that have been circulated, Pique will be with the children next to him Anna TormoNot Clara. Anna is one of Gerrard’s employees for his project.

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Thus, the theory grows that Shakira and Pique’s children really want to get away from their father’s partner.

Gerard Pique’s mother will have helped the player hide the betrayal