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Shanghai residents have been locked inside their apartments for several weeks.  At night they shout from the window.

Shanghai residents have been locked inside their apartments for several weeks. At night they shout from the window.

Shanghai is affected by China’s extreme Corona policy. People are locked inside their homes. Many lack food and toilet paper.

A man buys food in Shanghai just before the city shuts down. The photo was taken on March 21 this year.

During the day, the streets are completely empty. When evening falls, Shanghai residents open their windows. and screaming. The howling of the trapped Chinese echoes between the doors. Videos of screams spread on social media. This is a serious problem for the Communist Party.

The party has placed enormous prestige in the politics of Corona. The goal is zero infection. Treatment is tight control of the infection.

Entire blocks of apartments, shopping malls and office buildings were suddenly closed. People had to stay on site, often for several days, without returning home. Almost two weeks ago, the authorities did the same to the whole of Shanghai. The entire city was simply locked inside.

It doesn’t work anymore. The desperation was so great that authorities reopened parts of the city, despite high infection rates. This may be a sign that China’s strategy on Corona is on the verge of collapse.

A woman waiting for a food delivery behind the closed gate. There is a severe lockdown in Shanghai.

howls in the dark

It’s about to flood the people of Shanghai. A video from the city was widely shared on social media this weekend. People are shown screaming for full lungs from their windows.

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People are not allowed to leave their homes. The shops are closed. Difficult to get food. There is a shortage of eggs, fruits and toilet paper. Residents sneak in at night to barter goods, South China Morning Post writes.

The paper describes how the trade is conducted. Zhang Hongyan had ten eggs, but she lacked fruit. Zhang introduced the eggs in a group chat on social media WeChat. hit one of her neighbours. The neighbor offered some oranges in return. The illegal trade occurred just before midnight. Zhang placed the eggs at the neighbor’s front door. Shortly thereafter, I found an orange in the same place.

Ying Chengtou Something else had to be invented. So he lent his cat to the neighbor for half an hour. He got three oranges in return.

nightmares every night

Chinese President Xi Jinping remains committed to the goal of completely eradicating the infection. It has resulted in few deaths, but has also had huge costs for people affected by infection control. When the most contagious omicron variant came to China, the result was lockdowns. In Shanghai, it now affects several million. The actions are brutal.

Children may be at risk of being separated from their parents if they test positive for the coronavirus. It causes deep shock. American radio channel NPR has Collected stories from the closed city. A Chinese woman has divorced her 7-year-old son after they tested positive. The boy could see his mother only after a whole month. He still has nightmares every night.

Young children who are separated from their parents lose the ability to speak, NPR writes. A six-year-old boy came out of seclusion with scrapes to the bones and open wounds on his body. He dropped them himself.

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Workers in protective suits transport goods to Shanghai on Sunday, April 10.

I had to open parts of the city

On Monday, Shanghai authorities were forced to reopen parts of the city. This is despite the continuing spread of infection. Shanghai is now divided into three different regions. One part is closed, another part is closed. In the third part of the city, residents will be allowed to move around.

Closed areas can only be opened after two weeks without any new cases. There are 26 million people living in Shanghai. On Tuesday, 26,330 new infections were recorded, according to the local authorities. Most of the infected people do not show symptoms, according to the German news agency.

Declaring victory over the virus

The Chinese government now has a serious problem. The infection spreads quickly. Omikron is more difficult to stop than previous variants of the coronavirus. If China is to maintain its goal of zero infections, its citizens must prepare for further lockdowns. And for the country’s leadership, it is difficult to change course.

– proagada makes it very difficult to change policy, Alfred Wu tells CNN:. He is Professor of Political Science at the National University of Singapore.

The Chinese authorities have added enormous prestige to the strategy. In 2020, President Xi and China defeat the virus. This showed that the Communist Party was “superior,” Xi said.

So it would be a huge defeat if the virus spreads. It would also be dangerous to many ancient Chinese. Many of them have not been vaccinated. Half of all Chinese 60 years missing a booster dose. And Chinese vaccines are bad. Vaccines provide less protection than some of the vaccines used in Norway.

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