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Share the hostage video

Share the hostage video

On Monday evening, Hamas released the first video from Gaza of one of its many hostages from last Saturday’s terrorist attack.

The video, which was posted on Hamas’s Telegram account, is of 21-year-old Maya Sham, a French-Israeli.

Haaretz I spoke to Sham’s family after sharing the video. They tell the newspaper they are “very happy.”

– Take me home

In the video, which initially shows a person bandaging Sham’s arm, she introduces herself before saying the following:

– Now I am in Gaza. I arrived here early Saturday morning after attending a party in Sderot. I was seriously injured in my arm, and they took me to the hospital here.

Hostage Drama: – Like no other

Moreover, Sham says they took care of her and provided her with medical treatment.

– I only ask you to return me to my family, to my parents and brothers, as soon as possible. Please get me out of here as quickly as possible,” she concluded.

The Israeli military, the IDF, commented on a Hamas hostage video on X/Twitter on Monday evening. Here they write that they were in constant contact with Maya’s family after they conveyed to them information that she was among the hostages.

– In the video published by Hamas, they try to portray themselves as humanitarian. But they are a terrible terrorist organization responsible for killing and kidnapping children, children, men, women and the elderly, as the Israeli army wrote in X.

They further wrote that they used all intelligence and operational means to return all the hostages – including Maya.

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– He wants to exchange prisoners

Earlier on Monday evening, the spokesman for the military wing of Hamas, Abu Ubaida, said that there are between 200 and 250 Israelis detained in the Gaza Strip.

He claims that 200 of them are held by Hamas, while the rest are headed by other groups in Gaza.

He also stated that 22 hostages were killed in Israeli air strikes.

He also claimed that the hostages were treated with “dignity and respect.”

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Danish Jens Serup, who works for security company Guardian, has extensive experience in hostage negotiations.

The legendary “death directive” to Israel

He recently confirmed to Dagbladet that this hostage situation is completely unprecedented, given the number of hostages. At the same time, I think it’s likely that we’ll eventually see videos like this.

Hamas may eventually choose to make this public. I think we’ll probably see more teaser videos at some point. Either in the form of execution videos, or videos of children, women and elderly people who were captured, he told Dagbladet.

Khaled Meshaal, a former Hamas leader, who today serves as head of the movement’s so-called diaspora office in Qatar, stated earlier Monday evening that Hamas will exchange Israeli prisoners and hostages in exchange for 6,000 prisoners in Israeli prisons.

He added that considerations for civilian and military hostages are weighed differently, adding that they have enough hostages to release all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.