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Shark Attacks in Australia: Shock and Disbelief

Shark Attacks in Australia: Shock and Disbelief

Millachip’s wife, who asked not to be named, says News letters Australia says that her husband often swam in Port Beach, located in the Perth suburb of Fremantle on the west coast of Australia.

On Saturday, he went to the water around ten in the morning.

Shortly thereafter, around 10.10, two young men on a nearby boat reported that a man had been attacked by a shark.

Young men were said to have seen the man struggling in the water, before being dragged under what were said to be two sharks, the paper wrote. Perth now.

CLOSED: After Saturday’s shark attack, beaches in the Fremantle area were closed. Photo: Richard Wainwright / AAP Image / AP / NTB
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Possibly saving more lives

An extensive search for the man began, but the search was called off on Sunday, and Millachip is believed to be dead. The search crews were only able to find a pair of diving goggles, which were sent for analysis, writes Perth Now.

– It’s tough. Very difficult, the wife tells ABC News.

– We were told in detail what they did and how the research was done, they were very thorough and very professional. She says we are really grateful for that.

scuba diver: Henrikke Haugan, of NRK’s ​​’Under the Surface’, makes eye contact with the shark in Farsund. Pictures from NRK. Reporter: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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She also sends her thanks to the two teenagers who reported the incident.

– Special thanks to the boys in the boat and what they did. It must have been a very frightening experience for them. So I send my warm thoughts and thank them for what they have done. Thank God no one else was injured. They may have saved other lives.

In addition to his wife, the 57-year-old leaves behind two children, he writes 7News Australia.

– really shocked

On Saturday, police were unable to confirm the number of sharks involved in the attack, but a spokesperson said there had been talk of “at least one shark”. According to witness descriptions, a white shark and a tiger shark may have been involved.

Jane Atkinson, who sells coffee from a pickup truck on the famous beach, told ABC News that sharks have been seen on the beach before. However, this was the first time he had learned that any of them had attacked.

“I am in shock and in disbelief that this could happen at 10 in the morning on such a beautiful day,” she says.

– I was really shocked that this happened on our beach.

The Prime Minister of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, told 7News Australia it was an appalling situation.

The events in Port Beach yesterday are horrific and very sad. A family is now mourning the loss of a man. McGowan says it’s a terrible situation.

After the attack, all beaches in the area were closed. to me Watchman They will remain closed until the end of January, because the pink snapper spawns around this time, and this tends to attract sharks.

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