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Shark Tank Investor Believes NFT Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin

While both are relatively new concepts, bitcoin has been around for much longer than NFTs. However, Kevin O’Leary, investor in the popular Shark Tank, believes that the latter will become bigger than cryptocurrency, and explains why.

However, bitcoins will not be forgotten.

O’Shares Investment Advisors Chairman and Investor Kevin O’Leary has revealed, in addition to the conversion after the crypto devaluation, that he believes that NFT has a chance of becoming larger than bitcoin itself. Secondly , Forbes Their belief stems from the fact that this technology can demonstrate ownership of real-world items digitally, not on paper.

There will be a lot of movement in terms of authentication, insurance, and real estate transfer tax policies online over the next few years, making NFTs a potentially much larger and more resilient market than bitcoin.

A Shark Tank investor told CNBC’s Capital Connection recently.

Although NFTs are cryptographic tokens that validate virtual items—they are usually very expensive—there are those who are joining the effort so that NFTs also represent physical goods.

Let’s see what happens, but I’m making that bet and I’m investing on both sides of this equation.

Kevin O’Leary revealed.


While investing in “both sides of the equation” in 2019, O’Leary said bitcoin was a “worthless currency.” Now look Cryptocurrency As a way to diversify assets, enthusiasm on the “decentralized finance.”

Investor Comments On Bitcoin

Although he believes in the growth of NFTs, investors are not ruling out bitcoin. In fact, he stressed the importance of regulating cryptocurrencies. For example, the USA, as well as other countries, are trying to keep pace with the development of the market, in order to avoid the possibility of money laundering and to protect consumers from financial harm.

Different geographies have different policies regarding encryption. You have to go and find more advanced jurisdictions.

O’Leary’s explanation.

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