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She got a life sentence for the murder of her ex-boyfriend.  Now the "serial" will be released Adnan - VG

She got a life sentence for the murder of her ex-boyfriend. Now the “serial” will be released Adnan – VG

Outside: Adnan Sayed smiles and waves as he leaves court after a judge overturned his murder conviction and ordered a new trial.

He was 17 years old when he was arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Adnan Sayed, better known from the podcast “Al Serial”, is now being released. – It’s hard for me to swallow, says the victim’s brother.


In 2000, Syed was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend, Hye Min Lee. The body was found in Laken Park in Baltimore in 1999. Investigators determined that she died of suffocation.

He has always denied having anything to do with the murder. His case got a lot of attention after the truecrime “Serial” podcast.

A Maryland judge on Monday chose to overturn Adnad Syed’s conviction, several US media reports said.

The decision comes after the prosecution informed the court that it had lost confidence in Syed’s conviction, then referred to an investigation that lasted nearly a year that revealed new information about “the possible involvement of two alternative suspects.”

The judge also requested that Syed be released from prison, while the prosecution considers whether he should go through a new round of court, he wrote. Washington Post.

From the yearbook: Hai Min Lee was found murdered and buried in Lieken Park in Baltimore in 1999.

Teen Boyfriends

Syed was a 17-year-old high school student when he was arrested in late February 1999 for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hye Min Lee.

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Prosecutors claimed in 2020 that he strangled Lee, who was in the same class at Woodlawn High School, and, with the help of a friend, hid her body in Laken Park.

He has long tried to overturn the conviction and get a new trial, but until recently he faced opposition from the prosecution.

Yong Lee, Hye Min Lee’s brother, said at Monday’s hearing that the prosecutor’s request to overturn the conviction made him feel “betrayed.”

– He said it was hard for me to swallow, especially for my mom, according to The Washington Post.

Young Lee confirmed that he was “not against an investigation or anything like that,” but also said:

– Knowing that someone could be free to kill my sister – it’s hard. I pray that you make the right decision.

I got life: Syed always maintained that he was innocent.

podcast puzzle

Syed’s case was discussed in the podcast “Serial”, which had its first season in 2014.

In the series, presenter Sarah Koening questions whether Sid was the one who killed Hye Min Lee, or whether he was innocent as he claims.

– Koenig is trying to unravel what really happened in the killer 21 minutes of a frigid winter’s day, VG’s Anders Giæver writes in a comment When the podcast was published.

Ace Young: Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering Hye Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999. The podcast covers the details of the investigation.

Baltimore prosecutors filed a motion last week to demand a new trial for Syed, who is serving a life sentence in connection with the murder of Hae Min Lee.

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Prosecutors said Syed “deserves a new trial” because they have identified two new potential suspects. None of them have been named yet.

Judge Melissa Finn said Monday that she overturned Syed’s conviction “in the interest of justice.”

The judge’s decision was met with cheers and tears in the courtroom. Syed, now 41, attended the session wearing a white shirt and dark tie.

After the verdict was pronounced, police officers removed the handcuffs from his ankles, and soon after, Syed walked out of the courtroom to cheers and applause from his supporters.

He did not stop talking to reporters, but got into a car and was taken away from the scene, he writes CNN.

Monday’s decision does not mean that Syed is innocent. Judge Melissa Finn wrote she has ordered a new trial BBC.

The case also received attention in the HBO documentary series The Case against Adnan Sayed. In the 2019 series, Syed’s lawyer said that his client’s DNA was not found in any of 12 samples taken from the victim’s body and car.

The judge now agrees to conduct more DNA tests in the case.

In prison: Adnan Sayed 2016.