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“She threw herself at me,” Alain Schmidt accuses

Marcox Pinot. Allegations of domestic violence, shocking photos were released and after the release of Justice, the two comrades accuse each other in the media.

[Mis à jour le 2 décembre à 14h25] Former judoka Alain Schmitt, who was arrested between the nights of November 27 and 28, was released on Tuesday, December 1 after being charged with domestic violence by Margaux Pinot. Police sources say the young woman, an Olympic champion in Tokyo in 2021, may have received several blows to the face from her intoxicated friend and coach. He was taken to Avicenna Hospital in Babikni for treatment, where he was charged with being treated for an ITD for more than eight days.

But this Tuesday, December 1, 2013 World Championship bronze medalist Alain Schmidt (-81kg) was released immediately after appearing in Bobigny Criminal Court. “The court will never tell you who is telling the truth and who is lying. We do not have enough evidence of guilt in this case. The court will acquit you,” the chairman said late into the evening from Tuesday to Wednesday. Tribunal.

Facts according to Margaux Pinot

The Olympic champion also gave him his understanding Parisian After the verdict. “Alain was scheduled to come to my house, he arrived at 2am and I had to take him to the airport (Alain Schmidt, who has been appointed vice-president of the Israeli national judo team, was due to leave Tel Aviv on Sunday morning.) He is a drinker. A few minutes after he came to my house, he explained to me that in the end, I did not need him. He picks up his stuff, I wonder, and I ask him what he does. He answers me I am a foolViolent words follow. For me it was too long. There were different episodes, insults, beatings. I was stunned and realized what was going on. I was approaching death. “I’m shocked … it’s a difficult event, a few minutes UV. It’s weird, but I’m grateful to Judo. Judo brought me a fighting spirit. If I were still here today, it’s thanks to Judo. I said, you have to leave your apartment, at some point, I’m dead, but it did not happen, and it did not happen. I do. I do judo and my body is armed. “

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Facts according to Alain Schmidt

Since then, the two protagonists of the case have not stopped passing the buck. The latest report is from a press conference with Alain Schmidt on Wednesday, December 2nd. She told me: ‘I’m been waiting for you for two hours, she’s curled up in bed, she’s on my back, I’m quick to hear her sigh, murmur, I said it’s the first steps. I sat down, picked up my stuff, started to get dressed, heard someone running into the room, it was her, she angrily opens the door, a few minutes later I ordered the VTC that came in, and she said to me: ‘You are a poor coward, you abandoned me, you are a shit ‘She went to bed and said goodbye, but she said to me:’ Get out, dirty coward ‘, she hugged me by the neck and she said’ Alain, wait, I do all this because I like you so much ‘. I let go and attacked myself against the radiator. I got up to go and pick up my stuff. When I wanted to open the door, she jumped in front of me, slipped her feet on the floor, put her head in the doorway, then, she crawls out, she cries for help, it’s terrifying, I do not know what to do, she bangs on the wall again. I got out of the car and the police came. They asked me if this was Nantana, and if I was worried, I said: ‘Yes’. I went to see a doctor and I was cut off from the world by so many players. “He didn’t give a damn,” he promises. He believes what he was told to complain. He promises “never attacked a woman. In her life. Life”.

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A shocking photo

During the interrogation, the coach gave the story of a fight like “Hurricane”, while Margaux Pinot said he was scared. Judokate has also posted a photo of her swollen face on social media.

“This is not a judo fight, it’s punches,” the judokate explained that the coach was innocent. “I’ve never beaten a girl in my life. It’s rubbish.” The court ruled “next to a certain number of pro-government elements” that the neighbors who heard her call for help and those who sought refuge at the end of the trial regretted JudoCate’s lawyer, Stephen Maukendre.

Alain Schmidt asks to stop “slander”

Asked about Team, The coach tries to defend himself. “I’m in my worst condition, I can not bear this slander, I had a horrible time in the cell, could not sleep these three nights. The ear was too late and tried. I did not. I have a lump in my stomach. I thought I would be left alone when I got justice. In the media, on social media, nothing was controlled. . Donkey “. I think it’s not over. Our relationship is so complicated, there were only two solutions, as I said during the trial: she left the club or let me go. I chose to leave for a new challenge. The result is not respected because I am insulted. You are in my life, in my life. I have always helped. “

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On BFM TV on December 2, his lawyer took up his argument, claiming that he had never beaten Margaux Pinot. “Mr Schmidt did not acknowledge that any of these actions were taken at any time. He explained the same thing during his first and second interrogation in police custody, which means that he tried to stop Marcox Pinot who threw himself at him.

New verdict on appeal in Pinot case?

When asked about the BFM TV antenna on December 2, Judocate’s lawyer confirmed that he wanted to replace it, and he asked the lawyer to appeal. “She decided to change her lawyers. Understandably, it’s not because of the work I did for her or my request, but because she’s disappointed with the decision made at 12:30 pm on Tuesday. (…) The court decided to acquit him by dismissing the objective elements of the case, he continues.In these types of domestic violence cases, it is up to the court to search for the objective elements as one’s word is against the other and the statements are subjective elements. I believe the court decided otherwise.It is similar and there is an opportunity to appeal.I asked Bobikni’s public prosecutor to do so.Appeal, the day after they decided at noon Decided to do it very quickly in. “