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"She was my friend."  Alec Baldwin speaks for the first time about his colleague's death

“She was my friend.” Alec Baldwin speaks for the first time about his colleague’s death

Alec Baldwind spoke for the first time since the director of photography died while filming ‘Rust’.

The actor says he and Halyna Hutchins were friends and that he is not allowed to comment further on the case because “the investigation is underway.”

“She was my friend. She was my friend. The day I got to Santa Fe to start filming, I went to dinner with her and director Joel. We were so much…sorry. We were a very efficient team okay.”

He added:

“Sometimes there are unintended incidents behind the scenes in films, but nothing like that. I know there is an ongoing effort to reduce the use of firearms in filming.”

The accident occurred during the rehearsal of a scene from the movie “Rust”. She shot director of photography Halina Hutchins, 42, and died shortly afterwards in the hospital. The bullet also hit the director of the feature film, Joel Sousa.

Alec Baldwin can be charged with the death of his colleague

as Investigations continue to identify those responsible On the death of the director of photography for the movie “Rest”. Actor Alec Baldwin, author of the shooting, is not without a charge.

The US police have already concluded that The shot was real. Security is being investigated during filming.

collected More than 500 tests, including A weapon used by the actor, fake and empty cartridges and real ammunitionNot recommended by the film industry while shooting.

Hana Gutierrez was the gunsmith, but she was Assistant Director Dave Holz who dropped the gun To Alec Baldwin, saying that it was downloaded.

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The Public Prosecution says so The charge against Baldwin is not ruled out.

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