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She was supposed to replace Maria Cerqueira Gomes: Ana Guedes Rodrigues "cheated" by TVI - Nacional

She was supposed to replace Maria Cerqueira Gomes: Ana Guedes Rodrigues “cheated” by TVI – Nacional

a Manuel Luis Josha’s interview on “Conta-me” was revealing about Ana Guedes Rodrigues. CNN Portugal’s futuristic hub (scheduled to start November 22nd) finds out I was about to partner with the presenter on “You on TV!”Where will it end? Occupied by Maria Serqueira Gomez.

NS Christina Ferreira departs for SICManuel Luis invited many beautiful faces for intimate conversations on TVI’s morning sofa. was one of them Ana Geddes Rodriguez who was, at that time, one of the faces of the Porto Canal Just like Maria Serqueira Gomez. Little did Anna know that the purpose of the invitation went beyond an interview about her life.

Cristina Ferreira mixed up everything and everyone to hide that Claudio Ramos would be partnering with Manuel Luis Josha.

I was Manuel Luis Gocha who gave the revelation now, on “Kunta Me”. “Also but It was also a test‘,” the veteran lieutenant colonel explained. Perhaps this conversation leads to an invitation to be with me to say “You on TV!” , thus revealed Manuel Luis Josha to the journalist. Three years later, I have confirmation! When I left the studio, A lot of people told me it was a live broadcastAna Geddes Rodriguez recalled, ending up stating that ‘At that time, I wasn’t available to come to Lisbon.

Maria Serqueira Gomez shows off her curves in moments of fun with her son

not final, or The place was filled by being Maria Serqueira Gomez. A complicated task, with a weak audience, in a head-to-head confrontation with Christina Ferreira in SIC competition. The pair ended up retiring by the end of the program, Replaced with ‘Dois à 10’, by Cláudio ramos and Maria Botelho Moniz.

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